Rooting for Rafael Rosales

Rooting for Rafael Rosales | Little Lit Book Series

Happy book birthday to Rooting for Rafael Rosales!

“Years ago in San Pedro de Macorís…Rafael has dreams.  Every chance he gets he plays baseball in the street, trying to build his skills, get noticed by scouts and—someday—play professionally in America.  But how can a kid like him beat the odds?

Today in Minnesota…  Maya has worries.  She can’t stop thinking about oil spills, melting ice caps, and how the company her dad works for might be killing all the bees.  Is there any way a twelve-year-oils girl can make a difference?

And then…  One day Maya goes to a spring training game and sees Rafael play.  Even though he has the worse stats on the team, Maya suddenly decides to start rooting for him.  Because even though baseball can’t save the bees, if Rafael Rosales can make it to the major leagues, then maybe—just maybe—the world will be okay.” — from publisher Albert Whitman.  Kurtis Scaletta shares some thoughts about how he created this multilayered story in this post on Albert Whitman's blog.

Rooting for Rafael Rosales was written by Kurtis Scaletta with cover art by Kelsey Garrity-Riley.



Don't Throw It to Mo! and Get a Hit, Mo! + Giveaway

Don't Throw It to Mo! and Get a Hit, Mo! + Giveaway | Little Lit Book Series

As the littlest and youngest on the Robins, Mo is teased by the rival team for being a “butterfingers” but he's still a team player and gives it his all.  DON’T THROW IT TO MO! is a wonderful story of diversity, acceptance, embracing differences, and it shows what a positive impact caring and compassionate mentors and adults can make in a child’s life.  DON’T THROW IT TO MO! has an early second grade readability and a lexile of 270L.  It was also a winner of the 2016 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award.  

The smallest on his team and always the last to bat, Mo is a committed baseball player who's passionate about the game.  Ever faithful to his team and the game but never getting a real chance to play, Mo is up to bat in the last inning of the game.  He's nervous as can be but something pretty magical happens.  GET A HIT, MO! has a late first grade readability with a lexile of 220L.  Both of these early readers were written by David A. Adler, illustrated by Sam Ricks and published by Penguin Young Readers.

We’re giving away three sets of DON’T THROW IT TO MO! and GET A HIT, MO!  This giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on Tuesday, April 25.  Head over to this post on Instagram to enter.



The William Hoy Story

The William Hoy Story | Little Lit Book Series

The story of how baseball player William Hoy faced cruelty and discrimination for being deaf.  However, through his deafness, he came up with a way to communicate during games through the use of hand signals, which was eventually adopted as an official practice in baseball.  Hoy went on to break many records and become one of the most popular baseball players from 1888-1902.  He will forever be remembered for changing how the game was played.

The William Hoy Story was written by Nancy Churnin, Jez Tuya and published by Albert Whitman.