The Hello Atlas and The 50 States: Fun Facts | Little Lit Book Series

#littlelitbookseries is all about geography this month.

THE HELLO ATLAS takes children around the world on a language adventure.  The book is divided by continent, with descriptions of the continent’s language families and a map of major languages spoken with a short description of each at the beginning of each chapter.

The pages in each chapter show children in everyday scenes in different countries sharing common phrases and greetings such as hello, introducing themselves, asking what your name is, commenting on the weather, wishing you a happy birthday, and more.  There’s a free Hello Atlas app where you can hear over 100 different languages being spoken, which provides a guide for pronunciation while you read the book.  A wonderful endeavor from travel writer Ben Handicott with beautiful, modern and textured illustrations by Kenard Pak.

From The 50 States series, this is a compendium of facts that are noteworthy about each of our 50 states: 50 animals, 50 forms of transportation, 50 things to eat, 50 sports and 50 celebrations.  A puzzle map is included in the back.  This snapshot of the US will pique children’s interest in getting to know and appreciate the people, places and diversity of their country.  THE 50 STATES: FUN FACTS was written and researched by Gabrielle Balkan and illustrated by Sol Linero.

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