Anno's Journey | Little Lit Book Series

If you’ve ever traveled alone, you’ll find Mitsumasa Anno’s words to ring true.

“Since childhood Mitsumasa Anno has been fascinated by Europe, its varied landscape, its art and architecture, its folklore and fairy tale, its people at their work and play.  In 1963 and again in 1975 Anno left his native Japan and journeyed through many parts of Europe exploring, observing, painting and drawing as he went.  He found a world new to him, as it will be to many of his readers, but a world that is deeply rooted in ancient traditions.  This book is a record of that journey.

‘I wandered from town to town, from country to country and sometimes my journey was hard, but it is at just such times that the reward comes.  When a man loses his way, he often finds himself—or some unlooked-for treasure.  By the end of my journey, I realized that I had set out not to collect information but to lose my way—and to discover the world you will find in this book.’

Just some of the things to look for in Anno’s Journey: details from paintings by Courbet, Millet, Renoir, Seurat and others, characters from Sesame Street, Beethoven sitting at a window, Don Quixote and Red Riding Hood.  There is so much to Anno’s Journey.  Examine its pages, take in its visual narrative, linger over its details,  wander with him through his journey and become absorbed in it.  This is one you’ll want to get lost in over and over again.
Anno's Journey was written by Mitsumasa Anno and published by Puffin Books | Penguin Books (@penguinkids).