The Liszts | Little Lit Book Series

A post by @teeandpenguin on this month’s theme of #family.  Families come in all shapes, sizes and varieties.  The Liszts happen to be of the slightly eccentric ilk.

The Liszts are list makers, quirky list makers at that.  "Mama made lists of ghastly illnesses and the greatest soccer players of all time.  Papa made lists of dreaded chores and small winged insects."  One day a visitor makes it into their midst who is not on any of their lists with delightful results.  Whimsical, quirky, and wonderfully illustrated? Kyo Maclear and Júlia Sardà are a winning combination.  This is one of those books that I'm not sure who enjoys more, me or my children.   A 2016 favorite for sure!

Published by Tundra Books.  Recommended for ages 5-9.