Little Bear's Thanksgiving | Little Lit Book Series

@live_read_write shares a sweet vintage Thanksgiving story:

"Dear Little Bear: Please come for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day at four o'clock. Your friend, Goldie"

The scene is summer and Little Bear is resting in his hammock. The postman arrives with a letter, stirring Little Bear from his half asleep, half awake state. Little Bear's friends, Squeaky the Mouse, Squirrel, Owl, and Sparrow gather together to read the invitation and dream of all of the delicious foods — turkey and cranberries, sweet potatoes and stuffing, not to mention, PIE — and Little Bear, whose eyes are "as big as macaroons," can hardly imagine "all that at the same time." Yet Little Bear and the friends must wait for the turning and falling of the autumn leaves. Little Bear decides on a nap; a couple of months later, he is sound asleep. The faithful friends make a hilarious attempt to wake him, crawling on him and talking into his ears. It's not until Squeaky exclaims the "magic word" of PUMPKIN PIE! that Little Bear jumps out of bed and the crew heads over to Goldie's house for a special shared meal.

This delight of a book captures the essence of anticipation and friendship. Children and adults will relate to the counting down, the preparation, the WAITING for an exciting event such as a holiday. The way the friends band together is refreshing and lovely, as is the inclusive ending — a true #friendsgiving. The book briefly touches on the history and tradition of the holiday, as Little Bear knows very little about this special occasion due to his regularly scheduled winter nap. Originally published in 1967, the book's nostalgic illustrations and enchanting and rhythmic text by Janice Brustlein and Mariana Curtis Fosster will have your heart singing. An oldie but a goodie, and an excellent read aloud for your Thanksgiving table or pre-slumber story time.

Also by the same author illustration duo: Little Bear's Christmas, Little Bear's Pancake Party, and Little Bear Marches in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.