Sarah Gives Thanks | Little Lit Book Series

A book on the history of Thanksgiving as a holiday from @sunlitpages:

Our Thanksgiving book collection is woefully small compared to our Halloween and Christmas collections. Part of the problem, of course, is just that there aren't as many Thanksgiving books out there to choose from as for the other holidays. But I'm doing my best to add the truly exceptional ones, and this is one of the ones I purchased this year. It tells the true story of Sarah Josepha Hale, a feisty, determined woman who thought Thanksgiving should be a national holiday. And after 36 years of pestering the right people, she finally got her wish in 1863. Thanks to her, Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving ever since! P.S. Some of you are probably familiar with THANK YOU, SARAH, another picture book about Sarah Hale and the one that seems to get more attention. But this one is definitely worth checking out, too.

Sarah Gives Thanks: How Thanksgiving Became a National Holiday was written by Mike Allegra, illustrated by David Gardner and published by Albert Whitman & Company.