The Seven Silly Eaters | Little Lit Book Series

@teeandpenguin shares a hilarious and hearty read for your Thanksgiving Eve.

I'm planning out final details of our Thanksgiving menu today and thought it was the perfect time to post one of our family favorites.

The Seven Silly Eaters is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Peters and their persnickety eaters. This is one of those books that appeals to all ages: parents grandparents and children because everyone has been in the shoes of the characters either as a picky eater or the one preparing something for those eaters. Marla Frazee's illustrations magnify the verse in all the right ways and show how the trials of family life can result in happy accidents for all involved.

Written by Mary Ann Hoberman, illustrated by Marla Frazee and published by HMH Books for Young Readers.