The New Baby | Little Lit Book Series

@bookbloom shares this perfect book for a growing family.

"Which of these people look like they come from your family? Write the names of the people they look like underneath. Do any of the children look like you?"

A study surfaced a few years back linking childrens' happiness to six key factors. One of those factors was how well they knew their family history. Which makes sense, right? We need to know and understand, even from a young age, that we are part of something bigger. Something more than ourselves, woven into the lives and stories of people both past and present.

This sweet activity book introduces an older sibling to the idea of a new baby. It invites them to write about themselves and to include a letter to their unborn sibling. With whimsical design and simple tasks, this is a great book for any growing family.

The New Baby was written and illustrated by Lie Dirkx and was published by Cicada Books.