Julie Morstad's Today + Giveaway | Little Lit Book Series

One of our favorites from 2016.  What will today bring?  In her latest book TODAY, in her natural and effortless way, Julie Morstad shows us the beauty of the quotidian, its moments of whimsy and its potential to surprise us with something extraordinary.  But how?  She helps us revel in the possibilities of today.  What should we wear?  What should we eat for breakfast? Porridge or pizza? Where should we go?  For a walk in the woods or to the museum? How will we get there? By bike or dancing our way there? She reminds us that each day is remarkable in its own right.

Julie's work resonates with children and adults alike. Hers are the stories full of wonder that you read to your kids at bedtime and are the same ones that you want to sit down with on your own and linger over, during those last quiet moments of the long day, well after your kids have drifted off to sleep.

We are partnering with Simply Read Books on a giveaway of TODAY.  This giveaway ends on Wednesday, December 14th.  Head over to this Instagram post to enter.