Little Boy Brown | Little Lit Book Series

A lovely share by @bookbloom for this month’s theme of family.

The Brown family lives in the City with elevators linked directly to subway stations, meaning that Mr. and Mrs. Brown never have to go out of doors. One day, after Little Boy Brown's parents have left for work, Hilda, his nanny, takes him as far as the Bus will go, to catch a car that drives them to her home, all the way in the country. Once there the young protagonist runs up and down stairs, helps load the woodpile, bakes a cake with Hilda's mother, and listens as Hilda's family speaks of foreign lands in two different languages. After lunch they bundle up to make a snowman together and end the eventful day with afternoon tea and cake. Eventually Hilda returns her young charge back to the City and Little Boy Brown falls asleep recalling his memorable outing.

It is often said that we are born into a family and then there's the family we create. I wholeheartedly believe both shape our character and impact us throughout our life.

Little Boy Brown by Isobel Harris and illustrated by André François. Originally published in 1949 and happily reprinted by Enchanted Lion.