A Child of Books | Little Lit Book Series

Sharing @thekaleidoscopeca’s recent post about Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston’s extraordinary new work, A Child of Books. A meaningful book to be sure, and a tribute to the words and art in books and the formative role storytelling play in our lives. Here’s what @thekaleidoscopeca has to say about this “ode to literature” —

“I am a part of everything that I have read." —Theodore Roosevelt

We are made of stories, and this is one that you will bury in your heart.  Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston have created a picture book that reminds of us of what stories are all about. The best and most endearing part - the heart and soul of a story - the reminder that "imagination is free.” I hugged this book when it ended. It was everything I had anticipated for it to be and more. When you have a child you have this strange feeling you have known them before, a kind of connectedness. This book has the same familiarity and will easily become most beloved.

Watch the creators of A Child of Books talk about it here.

Post by Kellie Diguanco | @thekaleidoscopeca