Feed Me Words | Little Lit Book Series

In our celebration of words and word play this month, we bring you an equally loved and despised aspect of language: orthography.  English is a funny language and has been called “exotic” by linguists.  Its system of spelling is not straightforward.  Yes, it has its rules, but along with those rules are never-ending exceptions that frankly make spelling a bit miserable to learn as a kid.

Enter Feed Me Words, a book of 40 food-themed stories rich in vocabulary and paired with spelling strategies, grammar lessons, trivia, word puzzles, interactive exercises and spelling quizzes.  Feed Me Words makes light of pesky things like silent letters, homonyms and double consonants, making spelling a little sweeter for everyone.  Feed Me Words was written by Kris Hirschmann in partnership with the Scripps National Spelling Bee, illustrated by James K. Hindle and published by Roaring Brook Press.