Under Earth, Under Water | Little Lit Book Series

Happy New Year to all!  We’re wrapping up our month-long sharing of the best books published in 2016.  Here’s a standout—another remarkable book from the duo that brought us MAPS, Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński.

Under Water, Under Earth engages, surprises, teaches, inspires curiosity, wonder and awe—and astounds with its myriad details on each page spread, and its sheer size.  This is one to spend hours mulling over, and one to return to every once in awhile on quiet mornings—for reading tidbits here and there, and pondering over them in our free time.  It's always a great idea to spend time outdoors, entrenched in concrete, experiential learning.  When kids can connect new information that they read with concrete real-world experiences, their learning becomes more solidified and sticks with them.

Published by Big Picture Press.  Read this interview with the Mizielińskis on Illustoria's blog.