Little Lit Book Series: Best Children's Books of 2016 Edition

We saw so many amazing picture books published in 2016 and it's impossible to share them all.  These are some of our favorites that we featured at the beginning of last month.  Be sure to check out the other books we featured all throughout the month by searching the term “best children's books of 2016” here on our blog or by searching the hashtag #littlelitbookseries on Instagram.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

By @averyandaugustine

It's been an incredible year for children’s books and today in #littlelitbookseries we’re sharing some of the best #kidlit published this year. We can’t possibly include all of them today but be sure to follow us at @littlelitbookseries as we share some of our favorite books of 2016 there throughout the month.

The Airport Book by Lisa Brown was far and away one of our favorite books published this year. She really captures the bigness and airiness of an airport, with its comings and goings and ubiquitous swarms of people. When I first flipped through its pages, I had flashbacks of memorable times spent in airports—waiting, breathing in all the activity, getting lost in the sea of background noise, walking around and looking up at everything.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @bookbloom

How have I not shared this book until now? Definitely one of my favorites of the year. Life wisdom in 20 insightful and deliciously illustrated bites.  Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess by Janet Hill. Published by Tundra Books.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @carterhiggins

We’re welcoming the close (almost) of another year, so the #littlelitbookseries is picking some 2016 faves. It was a beautiful year of books.  Impossible to choose just one, really. And thank goodness for lots of book-talking-avenues, but this one is special. It’s a meditation on being a storyteller, what it feels like to have an empty pocket of ideas, and how a good neighbor can fix a lot of problems.

Gift this one to your favorite creator, young or old.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @juliasbookbag

This month on #littlelitbookseries, the theme is best books of 2016!  I'm going with my featured book on #juliasbookbag this week - The Star Tree by Catherine Hyde. This beauty made me gasp as I read it. If a book makes me gasp, it's in a special category of amazing. A girl's magical travels on Midsummer's Eve take her to a constellation tree filled with stars. It's lovely. It's peaceful. It's a gentle work of art. So I'm placing it on this best of 2016 roundup!


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @kidlitbookaday

Our theme for #littlelitbookseries this month is Best Books of 2016. I absolutely love reading best book lists, and have quite a list this year. Beautiful books, thought provoking books, laugh out loud hilarious books, but it seems to always be the quiet, simple books that steal my heart. This book is childhood perfection, capturing the possibility and wonder that each day holds. I can already imagine my kids reading and re-reading it, imagining all the possible combinations of clothing, hair, breakfast, destinations, transportation, activities, books, pyjamas. This one is under the Christmas tree for my kiddos, and will be a go-to for birthday gifts in the coming year. Julie Morstad is absolutely brilliant and every one of her books has brought me so much joy. Which books have made you feel this way in 2016?


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @littlebooksbigworld

I can't do it. I can't pick just one.

#LittleLitBookSeries is highlighting the best children's books of 2016. And because there are just so many great ones, I filled some shelves up and am sharing them ALL. Well, at least the ones that we own. There were many other fabulous new releases this past year. Trust me, my Amazon wish list is full of them.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @live_read_write

As the year winds down, the #littlelitbookseries crew is counting up the great books that left a mark on the year as part of this month's theme of best children's books of 2016.

When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons is a beautiful year round collection of journal entry poems written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Julie Morstad. The lovely pictures and playful words whisk the reader through the year beginning and ending "on the tip of spring." The collaborative work drips of nostalgia and expectation, unearthing the idea of beauty in the mundane. Fogliano's style is reminiscent of ee cummings. A wonderful choice for a holiday gift!


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @ourbookbag

I am so happy to be sharing this book as part of #littlelitbookseries best books of 2016.

TODAY by Julie Morstad is a an incredible look into the day of a child. It is such a lovely book. We have almost all of Julie's books and this may be my favourite yet. Each page takes the reader through a child's day allowing them to choose what they wear, where they go, how they get there. Magic.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @picturethisbook

A small roundup of my favourite reads in 2016! This was a milestone year for us in terms of reading, and even though the kids still love picture books, I find myself hunting for more books in the chapter-book/middle-grade library aisles, both for them and myself. In fact, two-thirds of the 45 or so books that I managed to read this year were MG, and I've thoroughly enjoyed delving into this segment of books. What were some of your favourite reads this year? 📚


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @sunlitpages

Is there anything better than finding out that a favorite author has a new book coming out? This year, two of our favorite authors, Mo Willems and Jan Thomas, published new books, and we are in love with both of them! Nanette's Baguette is witty and creative (who knew there were some many words that rhymed with baguette?), and Is That Wise, Pig? is a hilarious, rollicking ride.  2016 was a truly excellent year for picture books, and many of my favorite children's book feeds are sharing their favorites today as part of this month's #littlelitbookseries.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @teeandpenguin

Our #littlelitbookseries theme for December is "the best children's books of 2016.”

This was a tough assignment for us, because 2016 has been an amazing year for picture books and we've shared so many of the best and have A LOT of favorites. We finally decided we needed to pick one that we haven't shared yet and this is it!

Du Iz Tak? is visually stunning. The illustrations are rich and detailed. However, our favorite thing about this book is that it is written in an invented insect language. Carson Ellis in her genius has created something that will visually wow as well as inspire the use of imagination in young readers. That combination is incredibly winning!


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @thekaleidoscopeca

Our theme for #littlelitbookseries this month was favourite picture book for 2016. To choose just one book was incredibly hard. My favourite books taught my children empathy, inclusion, beauty, grit, friendship, empowerment, and wonder. The arrival of this LitJoy Crate came just in time to choose for us. This box was themed "Once Upon a Book." The attention to detail the box had relating to the book was very sweet.

A Child of Books is like a love letter to books. Pages that remind us of the reasons we love these books so much and how they touch our lives. A Child of Books was written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston and published by Candlewick Press.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @thelittlebookcollector

It's beginning to look a lot like the time of year when it's time to select the BEST BOOK OF 2016. It's been an amazing year for children's literature AGAIN, and I really loved Miss Moon and Mr Huff and darling Ooko and the brilliant Undercover and of course Du Iz Tak, and the very marvellous Doodlecat. But, as I'm sure you know, I'm a sucker for the sentimental and nostalgic - so it really has to be A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. It's simply beautiful. And yes, sentimental and nostalgic for all the books that we invite into our lives and make ours, make a part of ourselves, but it is also fresh and modern too. I just adore it, and it's my pick for @littlelitbookseries book of the year.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @thereadingninja

This month’s #LittleLitBookSeries poses what is your favorite of 2016? Are you kidding me? There have been so many incredible books that have come out, way too hard to pick just one. But thinking about choosing a favorite has me working out a theory about favorites. Because these books are read with our children they have a different criteria that make some jump to the top for a myriad of unpredictable reasons. For instance a book that made our kids laugh really hard, a book that calmed a child down, or a book that started a meaningful discussion. I may like books on the surface for their beauty and message but I have connected to books because of how they’ve connected me to my children. Does that make any sense? 

But I digress...DRUMMMROLLLL PLEASE... We picked The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. A beautiful, absolutely perfect chapter book that stole our hearts and has us holding our breath for the sequel!  A story of a robot that lands on a deserted island who learns to adapt and survive with the help and eventually love of the animal inhabitants.  This book will always have deep rooted memories tied to it. We bought this in Vancouver and read it all the way down the Pacific coast. It was the first time #TheReadingNinjagrabbed a chapter book from me and started reading chapters out loud (yes I got teary eyed). And cuddled up while reading the last chapters it was the first time a lot of tears were shed from a story and we talked about family and separation. 🍻Here's to a wonderful year of children's books despite everything else this year produced. And here's to even more books in 2017! 🎉


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @welovebookworms

2016 was the revival of picture books. To chose my favorite from so many creative, amusing, deep, and beautiful books is like choosing my favorite child. 😉 However, one book I steadily pulled off my shelf is This Is Not a Book by Jean Jullien. It's so innovative, expressive, and enjoyable! Check out my friends' choices for their #littlelitbookseries entries. You will not be disappointed.


Little Lit Book Series: Best Children’s Books of 2016

From @writesinla

I love this picture book and it's my #littlelitbookseries entry as one of my very favorites of 2016 (and ever). The text is from 1938 by the author of Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. The wonderful illustrations unmistakably belong to Christian Robinson. This book is frank and childlike and weird in a good way. Four children encounter a dead bird in the park. They observe it, they honor it, they bury it, they mark its passing with a song. And they remember it until they forget. A story about loss, the natural world, and childhood.


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