Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

October’s theme for #littlelitbookseries was home.  These are some of the books that ushered in this month’s theme.  You can also search for “home” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.

Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @averyandaugustine ― 

This month's theme for #littlelitbookseries is home. We all crave the comfort and familiarity of home and carry the indelible memories of it no matter how far we go. We long for it and search for it as we get older and strike out on our own.

WINDOWS is a warm and beautiful tribute to our sense of home and belonging, our communities, and autumn twilight—fleeting and magical with its brisk, cool air and quiet rustle of leaves. A boy and his dog amble through their neighborhood during the dimming vespertine hours of the day and take notice of all the "squares of yellow light" and “glowing snapshots” and the different lives, people and stories in them. E. B. Goodale’s dusky skies are wondrous.

About Windows, author Julia Denos says, “When I was a student in Somerville, Massachusetts, I used to take walks through my neighborhood right before day changed to night. I’d pass by all kinds of windows showing me pictures of all kinds of lives, connecting our perspectives from street to street in a kind of starry constellation. Windows were glowing worlds beckoning me in while reminding me of home. I love the idea of being outside and being inside and feeling cozy in both places at once.”

WINDOWS was written by Julla Denos, illustrated by E.B. Goodale and published by Candlewick Press.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @bonjour_mes_amies — 

For the month of October, #littlelitbookseries is sharing books centered around the theme of home. As for my pick, I chose Tree written and illustrated by BrittaTeckentrup.

A tree is a home to many animals such as owls, robins, squirrels, and bees. It's a place of wonder, a giver of life, and a constant provider of food and shelter. This colorful yet simple story captures the uniqueness of each season. As each page unfolds, the reader encounters a clever peek-a-boo hole which reveals a set of new animals and insects for every season. Although the seasons are consistently changing, the tree remains a constant home to many. It's a delightful story filled with vivid colors and prose & rhyme on each page. Great for read alouds and perfect for any season!


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @bookbloom ―

This month's #littlelitbookseries turns our attention to home. This book tells of a young boy, Wilson, who works with his community to make his senior neighbor's home safe and welcoming. If you've ever spent time working on a Habitat for Humanity house or winterizing the homes of elderly citizens in your community this story will resonate with you. It speaks to the many hands and hearts that come together, volunteering to make homes throughout the world more pleasant places to be.

The One Day House by Julia Durango and illustrated by Bianca Diaz. Published by Charlesbridge.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @carterhiggins ― 

I love books about home. That’s what the #littlelitbookseries is showcasing today and do you know this one? It’s about twenty years old and it’s been a fave for lots of those. This is the story of two-year-old human babe Margaret, who is pretty awful. Just terrible. But then the woodchucks find her. And they love her so. It’s an unconventional, loud, and loving kind of home-away-from-home-but-is-also-home. It’s pretty perfect.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @gigglegirlsbookclub ― 

Super excited to share this book as part of this month’s #littlelitbookseries theme on “home!"  A fave at our house!!!  Lottie Paris Lives Here written by Angela Johnson is about a spunky little lady and the imaginative world she lives in. The illustrations by Scott M. Fischer are completely frameable. Such a fun story. | Ages 3-8


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @littlebooksbigworld

We absolutely adore Philip C. Stead for his many beautiful and whimsical books about friendship. His stories are tender and compassionate and share a spark of adventure. Stay tuned this week because I plan to do sort of an “author highlight” and share some of our favorite books that he has written and illustrated.

A HOME FOR BIRD fit the bill perfectly for today’s post - as the theme for October’s #littlelitbookseries is HOME.

In this sweet story, Vernon the toad finds a small blue bird and befriends him. As Vernon shares his friends and interests with Bird, he becomes increasingly concerned that Bird doesn’t talk. Determined that Bird must be sad and lost, Vernon prepares for a journey to help Bird find his home. As only a true friend can do, Vernon hears the unspoken and helps his friend find what is needed most. 


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @live_read_write ―

Last year, my family purchased our first home. In a few short months, we've shared a multitude of memories, including meals with friends and family, first holidays, snowstorms, renovation projects, and, oh yeah...creatures in the wall. This month, the @littlelitbookseries theme is home and I couldn't help but think of 26 Fairmount Avenue (and the Fairmount series), Tomie dePaola's sweetly nostalgic autobiographical account of the family, friends, neighbors, events, and stories that make a house a home. The stream-of-consciousness chapter book follows the construction and moving preparations of dePaola's family from an apartment to their new home in Connecticut on the cusp of WWII. The reader joins the five year old boy and his coming of age adventure and antics. It's a delightful story of anticipation, peppered with charming black and white illustrations. Perfect as a read aloud or for a beginning independent reader.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @livingbythepagewithnatalie — 

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of such simple things...laying down on freshly mown grass looking up at the clouds and the swaying Southern pines in the breeze, drinking clear cool water out of a hose on a hot Georgia day, making backyard stick forts with my brothers and sisters, the list goes on. While I certainly remember favorite toys and games and places we traveled to, the memories that are the most crisp usually are the ones where I was actually doing ‘nothing’. As a mother I do love being out and about town, and exploring parks/lakes/creeks with the kids, but then I remember that I need to also protect this white space, this sacred time where what seems like nothing will actually be transformed into the magical of my kids memories. ✨ So it’s no surprise that I resonated with Beatrice Alemagna’s newest “On a Magical Do-Nothing Day”. When a handheld video game is lost in the pond, a child is reminded of the simple pleasures and grand adventures that he has, right there at home (in this case the family’s cabin the woods). My favorite part was the end where he and his mama just sit over a cup of hot cocoa just listening to the rain and being together. ☔️☕️📘 The theme for the #littlelitbookseries is “home” this month and this one is a wonderful reminder of the often overlooked wonder that is found in our own homes. ✨


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @ourbookbag ― 

The theme for this months #littlelitbookseries is #home and I wanted to share a new one that we've been loving at our home.  The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse is an incredible book by the amazing duo @macbarnett & @jonklassen, who have brought us some of our favourite books.  Without giving too much away about this delightful book, home is where you make it and where you choose to be. For Mouse and Goose that home turns out to be a little more unconventional.  Read this book! You won't be disappointed.

Published by Candlewick Press.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @picturethisbook ― 

This month's #littlelitbookseries theme is home, and this adorable #picturebook about the adventures of seven silly hamsters who bumble their way into finding a new home together, is a must-read. The hilarious illustrations of and dialogue between the hamsters are pure comedy gold and it's just one of those #picturebooks that makes you feel warm and fuzzy after reading, and happy just because it exists. (Funnily enough, we stumbled upon this gem in a used bookstore in Bondi, approximately 6,302 km away from home, and it is by far my favourite souvenir from our Sydney holiday.) 


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @sunlitpages ― 

At first glance, this just seems like a silly book about a rabbit who loves his stash of carrots so much, he's willing to put multiple friends out of their homes in order to hoard them all. But at its heart, it's much more than that. It's a tale of friendship and sharing, of opening our homes to others, and of always ALWAYS putting people before possessions. It truly doesn't matter what kind of home you live in if it's filled with the people you love.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @teeandpenguin ―

Home can be so many things: a place, a feeling, a memory. And in the case of Zaha Hadid, it was also a source of inspiration. Our pick for this month's #littlelitbookseries theme of home, is The World is Not a Rectangle by Jeanette Winters. This picture book portrait of the remarkable Hadid, a woman who overcame rejection and defied tradition, is a powerful example of a woman who changed the world. Her mantra, the world is not a rectangle, speaks to how the beauty of her homeland influenced her design and inspired her to create unconventional spaces around the globe that embraced their surroundings. A wonderful read for your biggest little dreamer.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @thereadingninja — 

BLACKOUT by John Rocco | There are as many types of homes as there are fish in the sea.  Today’s #LittleLitBookSeries theme of Home has got me thinking about how many different ways that can look.  Our home is New York City. A crowded city that is loud, dirty (I mean it can get reallyyy dirty) harsh, and fast paced.  But NYC is also incredibly loving, courageous, beautifully diverse, fiercely protective, and so many remarkable things that outweigh the cons.  This book does an amazing job at summing up not only the warmth of a family home, but of a city home.

One hot summer night starts inside with a family solitarily ignoring each other. When a city wide black out forces everyone to disconnect and move outdoors to enjoy the cool night. The neighborhood comes alive with friendship and a relaxed enjoyment. A great story that very much deserves that shiny medal on its cover.

Also this story really happens. Every so often whether it’s an eclipse or a protest march supporting our fellow New Yorkers. There is real love that comes when everyone puts away their distractions and purposefully enjoys one another. Those always become my favorite days and the reason I love to call New York City our Home. 



From @welovebookworms ― 

Welcome to My House: A Collection of First Words by Gaia Stella is a word book dedicated to household items that reside in a home like “everything that brightens, everything for tinkering, everything for decorating, everything that gets lost (ahem, KEYS!!!) and so on …” Stella also includes an index which serves as a great introduction for little ones to explore what an index is all about. The best part about this book are the illustrations. I can stare at them all day. But what makes a house a home, are the people who live in it. Gaia Stella does that intentionally by strategically placing people (and a black cat that you can hunt for on each page) throughout the book to illustrate that point. Brilliant!!! This is my contribution to the home theme for @littlelitbookseries.


Little Lit Book Series Explores Home

From @writesinla ―

Our #littlelitbookseries theme for October is HOME. In this picture book, the cat's home is Blossom Street, where it visits all the residents who all call the cat by a different name. Eventually the cat finds its way to the Blossom Street resident who most needs a companion, and the whole community comes together. A book about the wonderful home a neighborhood can make, full of all kinds of different people who share daily life together. I want life to be just like this book.