Words | Little Lit Book Series

Christoph Niemann celebrates the art of the word in his latest book WORDS, where he illustrates over 300 common sight words with humor and playfulness.  Images play a large part in our understanding of words, especially as youngsters.  Throughout our lives—and especially during the early years—words are spoken to us.  We hear them and when they're paired with images, connections and associations begin to be forged.  The foundation is laid for meaning.  Words weave into the fabric of our lives and they play a role in how we perceive the world and how we make sense of the human experience.  Word knowledge and learning to read are so important—so vital, as we well know.  And that's why we love books like this one.  Early readers will have fun navigating this exuberant sea of words as they decode, decipher and learn to love them.

“Words and drawn images are closely related.  Both allow us to take an extremely complex thought and turn it into ideas that can be easily shared with others.  Being able to understand words and images opens the door to knowledge, communication, and connection to people all over the world.” — Christoph Niemann

WORDS was written and illustrated by Christoph Niemann and published by Greenwillow Books.