The Girl's Like Spaghetti and Twenty-Odd Ducks | Little Lit Book Series

Lynne Truss once again makes the compelling case for punctuation—apostrophes, hyphens, parentheses, quotation marks, periods and question marks—in The Girl's Like Spaghetti and Twenty-Odd Ducks.  From the introduction to Twenty-Odd Ducks — “This book is all about how punctuation does two important things in writing: first, it keeps words in groups so the intended meaning will come through to the reader.  It herds them into the right corrals, if you like, so there’s less chance of their getting mixed up.  On top of that, though, some punctuation marks add the tone of voice so that the reader knows whether you’re asking a question, or making a statement, or shouting.  By the end of the book, I’m sure you will be convinced of one thing: every punctuation mark counts.”

We hope you've been enjoying this month's focus on words and word play.  We have some more brilliant titles to share with you in the next couple days.  Thanks for following along and sharing this love of words with us!

The Girl's Like Spaghetti and Twenty-Odd Ducks were written by Lynne Truss, illustrated by Bonnie Timmons and published by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers.