Little Lit Book Series on Mail

Our month of books about mail and letters is coming to a close.  There’s something special about correspondence and the exchange of the written word—it’s one of those things that connects us.  These are some of the books that were shared at the beginning of the month and you can click through to read the original post in each person’s feed.  You can also search the hashtag #littlelitbookseries on Instagram to take a look at the other books that were posted, or click on the word mail on our Archives page.  


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @averyandaugustine — 

February’s theme is mail for #littlelitbookseries. The art of correspondence. Concerned about her Great-Aunt Josephine being too lonely, Sadie decides to send her a "care package." A pretty sizable one—an ELEPHANT! She thinks her aunt "could really use the company." Sadie encounters some obvious obstacles along the way but remains undeterred and determined. Heartfelt, funny and completely thoughtful.

Special Delivery was written by Philip C. Stead, illustrated by Matthew Cordell and published by Roaring Brook Press.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @bookbloom —

This month's #littlelitbookseries is all about mail.

When a young boy, clearly upset, appears before his parents, his father unsympathetically declares "Those are crocodile tears!" "But what are crocodile tears?," the boy asks. Thus begins the tale of an expedition to Egypt. Where, after a camel and fez have been purchased, a large box is procured. Solely for the purpose of capturing a crocodile. Of course. The box must not be too long or too short, otherwise the crocodile will slide around in the box. A little bird will accompany the crocodile and both animals will be expedited via post to arrive a short time later at your home. Upon arrival the crocodile will want a good lunch and a luxurious bath. Crocodiles, you'll soon discover, are particularly useful for expeditions into town and are remarkable story tellers. However, if you happen to step on its tail, a crocodile will get terribly angry and bite you. Then it will pretend to be sorry and cry giant tears. Those are crocodile tears!

Housed in an air mail letter box, which simultaneously masquerades as the perfect crocodile-sized container, this sophisticated story is an amusing take on children's inquisitive nature and grownups equally entertaining attempts at explanations.

Crocodile Tears by André François. Originally published in 1956, reissued this July by Enchanted Lion.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @juliasbookbag — 

On #littlitbookseries this month, the theme is mail - so excited because I LOVE Fun Mail and I adore this enchanting picture book about mail - 'The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters' by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. A postman journeys through a #fairytale landscape delivering mail to familiar characters like Goldilocks and the Big Bad Wolf. Real actual letters are found in envelopes in the book - see them in the photo? ADORABLE. My favorite is the cease and desist letter to the wolf, instructing him to stop wearing grandma's clothes and threatening the 3 Little Pigs. It's charming fun for preschoolers and kindergarteners, while older kids and adults will laugh at the tongue in cheek letters.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @littlebooksbigworld — 

DEAR MR. BLUEBERRY is a classic story about a girl who sees a whale in her backyard pond and writes a letter to her teacher to tell him about it. The two share an exchange of letters as Emily tries to convince Mr. Blueberry that there is indeed a whale. All the while Mr. Blueberry insists that it just can't be possible because whales live in salt water, they are too large for a pond, and they are also migratory. Readers learn a little about whales, a little bit about letter writing, and a whole lot about the powerful imagination and unshakeable faith of a child.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @live_read_write — 

This month's theme for the #littlelitbookseries is mail, and today I've got a story for you, relayed entirely through letters.
"Now that we are sure that no wolf can blow down our new house, no matter how hard he huffs and puffs, we would like to finally have a house warming party…"

The 3 Little Pigs are hosting a housewarming party and invite their forest friends to attend. Letters tell the story in this book; the correspondance is among familiar characters including Goldilocks and the Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Peter Rabbit. The only problem is that while the partygoers make their preparations, the Wolf and his cousin are hatching a "stupendous plan" of their own...This is a clever tale in the vein of the British classic, the Jolly Postman. Also in the series: With Love, Little Red Hen, and Dear Peter Rabbit, which the author notes, actually began as recordings.

Of course, I wouldn't be doing my teacher duty without sharing that the book makes a great mentor text for letter writing and teaching perspective. It's also filled with rich vocabulary.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @ourbookbag — 

Today for #littlelitbookserieswe are sharing books about mail. I'm happy to share the classic Seven Little Postmen written by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd and illustrated by Tibor Gergley. Published in 1952, this Little Golden Book follows the path that a little boy's letter takes to get to his grandma.

"Because there was a secret in the letter
The boy sealed it with red sealing wax.
If anyone broke the seal
The secret would be out.”

We had fun experimenting with sealing wax, too!


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @picturethisbook — 

We're celebrating good old-fashioned mail on the #littlelitbookseries in February, and we thought of this #EzraJackKeats classic immediately. The nervous excitement that one experiences when penning a letter to a significant someone, and the subsequent anticipation of the recipient's response, are all captured oh-so-sweetly by Keats's stunningly vibrant yet nuanced collage illustrations of Peter. I particularly love the true-to-life scenario of Peter absentmindedly leaving out the most important information in the letter — the details of the party that he's inviting his friend to — and having to scribble it on the back of the envelope after being reminded by his mom!


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @sunlitpages — 

I love mail the real, hand addressed, stamped, stuffed-in-the-envelope kind. Unfortunately, it seems like more and more people (myself included) are opting for the faster, more convenient digital method, and real mail (besides ads and bills) is getting harder to come by.

Today on the #littlelitbookseries we're celebrating the magic of getting something delivered to you through the mail. And what could be better to send this time of year than a giant hug? It sounds impossible but that's what Owen wants to send his grandma for her birthday. So he gives the hug to Mr. Nevin, the postmaster, with the instructions, "Please make the hug just as giant when you pass it to the mailman." Thus begins a chain of hugs, going from sorter to pilot to carrier (a great lesson in the transportation of mail as well!). When it gets to Granny, of course she loves it, but so does everyone else along the way. Because that's the power of a hug.


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @teeandpenguin —

I don't know about you all, but around here mail is one of our favorite things, which means that this month's #littlelitbookseries mail theme is one we've been looking forward to.

Our pick, DELIVERY by Aaron Meshon, follows a box of heart shaped Valentine cookies as they make their way from Grandmother's oven into the hands of their intended recipient. This nearly wordless picture book is sure to delight as we follow the delivery by truck, train, boat and even rocket. The illustrations are filled with movement and color in all the right places. 💌

Recommended for ages 3-7


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @thekaleidoscopeca — 

For the #littlelitbookseries this month we chose books about mail. We have a birthday we are counting down so this book has been in rotation.

A little girl counts down the months, weeks and days until her party. Her party plans grow more extravagant as the days get closer. She expects birthday cards in the #mail, lots of them, one from the Queen and one from the President. They don't arrive and the party isn't exactly what she had planed but she still agrees it's the best birthday party ever. 

This book is endless birthday fun and I love the illustrations by Le Uyen Pham.  A great book for birthdays that doubles as a teaching moment about the calendar. 

Age: 4-8


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @welovebookworms — 

The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt are my choices for #littlelitbookseries theme on mail.  Although I've posted these books multiple times, it's worth doing so. Duncan's crayons are unhappy. So they write letters and postcards to Duncan, explaining their situation. The humor, relatable factor, and cleverness of this story is downright fun. They're favorites in our home. 


Little Lit Book Series on Mail

From @writesinla — 

My #littlelitbookseries mail-themed pick? THE UNCORKER OF OCEAN BOTTLES in which the mail is letters in bottles found floating at sea. A story of kindness repaid, connection made, and community convening. Plus craft book author Margaret Bloom from We Bloom Here made an enchanting ocean bottle valentine necklace craft to match, perfect for giving away to friends! (Instructions are on the blog.)