Uma Krishnaswami | Little Lit Book Series

This month we’re sharing women writers whose work we enjoy and have had the privilege of reading.  Uma Krishnaswami is an Indian writer who was born in New Delhi and currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia.  She teaches at Vermont College of Fine Arts in the MFA program in writing for children and young adults.

Her most recent middle grade novel, Book Uncle and Me, is about Yasmin and her good friend Book Uncle, a retired teacher who owns a free lending library on the street corner in Yasmin’s neighborhood. His motto?  To provide the “right book for the right person for the right day.”  When Book Uncle’s ramshackle bookstand is in danger of being shut down by the mayor, Yasmin becomes a force of change in her city and starts a campaign to save Book Uncle’s beloved library.  So many life lessons woven into this book.

In The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, we meet Dini, an Indian American living in Maryland.  She is crazy about movies—especially lively Bollywood films—and is shocked to learn that her family is moving to India, to an incredibly small town called Swapnagiri.  But what she doesn't know is that unimaginable adventures await her there.  There’s a sequel, The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic, which sees Dini happily move back to the States—but life is “no rose petal milk shake!”  Dini has a few catastrophes to avoid and problems to work through, and she takes us along for the delicious ride.

Who are your favorite women writers?  Classic and new, we’d love to know.