Illustoria: The Outside-In Issue | Little Lit Book Series
Illustoria: The Outside-In Issue | Little Lit Book Series

Magazines connect us to writers and illustrators in ways that picture books can't—be it through hearing about an author's background in an interview with them or seeing a different kind of visual storytelling from an illustrator.  In the newest issue of Illustoria, writers and artists were asked "what comes to mind for them when they think 'outside-in.'"

And just in time for Women's History Month, we love how the current issue features many amazing women writers and artists—Lisa Brown, Nina Chakrabarti, Amy Novesky, Elizabeth Haidle, Ruth Kneass, Britt Browne, Yuliya Gwilym, to name but a few.  The latest installment of Literary Giants As Kids is all about Beatrix Potter's childhood.  In her words, "There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You never quite know where they'll take you."

We also get to hear Amy Novesky's thoughts on writing, her creative process, inspirations, current projects and how she was "bookish and daydreamy" as a kid.  Lots of quirk, lots of surprises, but most of all, so much inspiration to soak up, for us and our children.

Cover art by Lisa Brown.