Girls Think of Everything | Little Lit Book Series

"Inventors create for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you've heard the phrase 'Necessity is the mother of invention'?  It's true.  An inventor sees a need and seeks to fill it."  A thoughtfully written collection of accounts of women inventors, innovators and scientists including Dr. Virginia Apgar, creator of the Apgar score for newborns.  Other fascinating invention stories shared are Ruth Wakefield and her chocolate chip cookie, Mary Anderson's windshield wipers, Patsy O. Sherman's Scotchgard, Grace Murray Hopper's computer compiler and Valerie L. Thomas's three-dimensional illusion transmitter.

"Against the odds, women have invented."  And as long as we engender curiosity and creativity and allow time for it in the lives of our children, they will continue to do so.

Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women was written by Catherine Thimmesh, illustrated by Melissa Sweet and published by HMH Books for Young Readers.