Cilla-Lee Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire | Little Lit Book Series

We are officially in love with Priscilla “Cilla” Lee-Jenkins.  She's a "future author extraordinaire" with a penchant for the sensational and telling stories with "creative license."  In other words, she's absolutely lovable and hilarious.  She’s got some serious spunk.

We get to hear about Cilla’s mixed-race background—her family’s American and Chinese cultures—and the different traditions she experiences with each.  She tells us how she overcomes her struggles with reading.  But here's the big news—Cilla feels overshadowed by the new baby aka "The Blob" making inroads into the family and does not want to be an older sister at all.  Her solution?  To write a book about herself before the baby is born—and become a best-selling author—so that no one will have a chance to forget about her.

Cilla-Lee Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire was written by Susan Tan, illustrated by Dana Wulfekotte and published by Roaring Brook Press.