Grandmother Thorn | Little Lit Book Series
Grandmother Thorn | Little Lit Book Series

"What are you doing to that seedling?" he asked. 

"Pulling it out!" Grandmother Thorn snapped.  "It did not have my permission to grow!"

Grandmother Thorn is Katey Howes' debut picture book about how some things are beyond our control and how sometimes sweetness can blossom in unexpected places.  Rebecca Hahn brings Grandmother Thorn's rural Japanese village to life with her multimedia illustrations that she carefully painted, sewed and crafted by hand.  We loved Katey's rich, poetic storytelling and Rebecca's cool, earthy color palette.  A new classic.

Grandmother Thorn was written by Katey Howes, illustrated by Rebecca Hahn and is set to published by Ripple Grove Press on August 29, but is available now for pre-order.  Read an interview with Katey about the story behind the book on Karlin Gray's blog.

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