Arroz Con Leche / Rice Pudding | Little Lit Book Series

A delicious title from @live_read_write.  ¡Que aproveche! 

Arroz Con Leche/Rice Pudding is a unique poetry book written by Jorge Argueta and illustrated by Fernando Vilela. It's a bilingual "Cooking Poem" featuring beautiful lyrical text in English and Spanish as well as vibrant avocado green and adobe red colored illustrations.

Follow along as a boy and his family prepare, cook, and enjoy a delicious treat. Measure the rice, add cinnamon, milk, and sugar, and enter an interactive and poetic experience in the kitchen. "Milk becomes a waterfall, "flames heating the pot are rainbow hands," "foamy waves and clouds turn the pot into sea and sky" and "cinnamon sticks float like rafts on the pot's sky sea."

The repetition and short lines of the poem make this book an excellent tool to introduce or practice the Spanish language with kids and a great mentor text for students to create their own recipes in any language. Plus, stir in some culture and language to your #poetryteatime!

Other titles in Groundwood Books' Bilingual Cooking Poems series by award-winning children's author Jorge Argueta are GUACAMOLE, SALSA, TAMALITOS and SOPA DE FRIJOLES/BEAN SOUP.