Lola Levine | Little Lit Book Series

Meet Lola Levine.  She's smart, vivacious and a fierce soccer player.  She's of Peruvian and Jewish heritage and we love learning about both cultures and sides of her family.  Lola writes in her "diario" regularly and aspires to be a writer like her journalist mother, and learns Jewish words from her artist father in between bites of matzo soup, Peruvian chicken and flan, three of her favorite things to eat.  Lola wants a pet cat more than anything, and has her fair share of troubles to deal with—annoying little brothers, navigating friendships and being bullied at school.  Stick around to see how she deals smartly with her problems, with her supportive family by her side.

The Lola Levine series was written by Monica Brown, illustrated by Angela Dominguez and published by Little Brown Young Readers.  A fantastic educator's guide is available on Lola Levine's site.