Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

Our month of #sports is coming to a close.  These are some of the books that were shared at the beginning of the month and you can click through to read the original post in each person’s feed.  You can also click on the “sports" tag on our Archives page to see what else was shared throughout the month.  Hope you all enjoyed this month as much as we did!

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @averyandaugustine — 

"Aren't we lucky?" Garland asked. "Just traveling souls, making traditions and cheeseburgers. "Lucky," I said right back. I didn't really know if I believed that part, but I sure could believe in the summer's traditions.

With spring in full swing and more time spent in the glorious outdoors, we thought it would be the perfect month for books about #sports for #littlelitbookseries. I’m especially excited to share A RAMBLER STEALS HOME. Darby Christmas Clark's life is full of family, baseball and rambling on the road and we consider *ourselves* lucky to be reading Carter Higgins' debut middle grade novel brimming with heart, nostalgia and rich storytelling.

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @bookbloom —

"I'm a gymnast, 

I can vault, 

Swing and spring 

And somersault,

Even balance

On the beam —

Someday soon

I'll make the team."

.This month's #littlelitbookseries is all about sports and this collection of energetic rhymes from two eminent picture book creators also coincides perfectly with National Poetry Month. Not into sports? Don't worry, dashing through this award-winner won't even break a sweat.

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @live_read_write — 

It's April and that means baseball season is underway. Dust off your mitt and make room in your book lineup for a new illustrated chapter book by San Francisco Giants in-game reporter, Amy Gutierrez, affectionately known as Amy G, and Ariana Killoran. In Smarty Marty Steps Up Her Game  we meet Marty, who stands up for herself in the face of adversity, which comes in the way of Sammy the Smash and a range of emotions! Marty digs deep and leans on the support of others and rises to the challenge. Catch the full review over on Live.Read.Write.

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @ourbookbag — 

The theme for this months #littlelitbookseries is sports! With the Stanley Cup playoffs coming up, hockey is on the minds of many. This book shares a special piece of Canadiana in the form of a children's book. The Hockey Song is an iconic Canadian classic by Stompin' Tom Connors (1936-2013) released in 1973, the song became a mainstay in hockey arenas throughout North America twenty years later where it continues to be played. If you haven't heard the song, look it up. The lyrics of the song are brought to life by Gary Clement with a father and son taking to the ice for a pick-up game and sees the whole neighbourhood join in for "the good ol' hockey game". This book is so much fun and a must-have for the hockey fan in your life. It was published last year right here in Vancouver by Greystone Books. 🇨🇦

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @picturethisbook — 

This month's Little Lit Book Series theme is sports, and the first #picturebook that came to mind was this hilarious cautionary tale on sportsmanship, or rather the lack thereof. We love Aaron Blabey's wacky Pig the Pug books, and while this is not my favourite of the series, it's still a must-read for fans of Pig and Trevor.

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @sunlitpages — 

I sort of felt obligated to read The Crossover had won the 2015 Newbery, after all. But I wasn't really expecting to like it. First of all, it was about two basketball playing brothers, and I'm just not that into basketball, or sports in general. Second, it was told in verse, and even though I love verse novels, I couldn't see how poetry and basketball could ever go together. But I decided to read it anyway and upon finishing it, I took back everything I had previously thought and said. It absolutely blew me away: the passion, the tension, the heart. The free verse brought out the raw emotion of Josh and Jordan's relationship, and I really believe that was the best format for this story. This book taught me, yet again, to be slow to judge a book before reading it myself.

Little Lit Book Series: The Sports Edition

From @teeandpenguin —

There seems to be quite a bit of debate about whether ballet is a sport or something that transcends sport and becomes an art form. We're okay with a healthy debate and decided we're going to go with the ballet as sport definition for our #littlelitbookseries pick this month.

Swan is the story of Anna Pavlova in picture book form, details of her life in Russia from childhood to the peak of her years performing are included within the pages and are beautifully illustrated by Julie Morstad. A perfect read for a budding ballerina that highlights the dedication, hard work and passion that are inherent in ballet.