A Different Pond | Little Lit Book Series

@writesinla shares the forthcoming A DIFFERENT POND:

This picture book coming in August from Capstone (also my publisher) completely drew me in. Glowing illustrations with graphic novel elements. Beautiful(!!) descriptive language and imagery. And a riveting story based on Bao Phi's life experience of a boy fishing with his father before dawn in order to help feed their family. All is quiet and intentional in the early morning at the pond. The father is kind and instructive toward his son and hints at the struggle of being a refugee, of financial hardship and hard work, of the war he left behind. There was a pond in Vietnam and there is a pond in America. There is longing for the faraway pond, connection to it, stories surrounding it, and a warm family bond that spans time and loss and different ponds.

A DIFFERENT POND was written by Bao Phi, illustrated by Thi Bui and published by Capstone.