A Year Full of Stories | Little Lit Book Series

The cover of A Year Full of Stories is modern yet warm and inviting, which is a perfect fit for the collection of stories inside waiting to be read and shared. The folk tales and legends are from all over the world and celebrate the changing of the seasons, cultural events and international festivals that take place throughout the year. Some of September and October's stories are: Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves (America), The Gifts of the North Wind (Norway), The Raja and the Rice (India) and The Buried Moon (England).

This beautiful anthology is one to keep nearby to read aloud and enrich your year, as the days move forward and turn into passing months full of traditions, milestones, gatherings and convivial times with friends and family.

A Year Full of Stories: 52 Classic Stories From All Around the World was written by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr and published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.