Little Kunoichi | Little Lit Book Series

A stealthy share from @bookbloom:

"On a super secret island there is a super, super secret village." Which is where Little Kunoichi lives with her family. She goes to a special school. A school where she learns the stealth skills needed to become a proper ninja. But school is hard and takes practice. One day, Kunoichi encounters Chibi Samurai, a young boy from another school who is also in-training. Together they work on their physical fitness, mindfulness, and strategy skills. After weeks of practice they are ready to showcase their shugyo (intense training to gain mastery) at the Island Festival. Will they WOW the crowd? You better believe it!

Watercolor illustrations seamlessly weave notes of traditional Japanese dress, customs, and pastimes into this story, drawing readers into a world that is both playful and informative.

Little Kunoichi: The Ninja Girl was written and illustrated by Sanae Ishida and published by Little Bigfoot Books.