Flying Lessons & Other Stories | Little Lit Book Series

If you haven’t read Flying Lessons & Other Stories yet, add it to your summer reading list now!  It’s a collection of ten short stories from diverse authors with poignant, funny and poetic moments that will move you, make you laugh and make you think about life.  The authors included are Kwame Alexander, Matt de la Peña, Jacqueline Woodson, Soman Chainani, Grace Lin, Walter Dean Myers, Tim Federle, Meg Medina, Tim Tingle and Kelly Baptist.  Flying Lessons was edited by Ellen Oh of We Need Diverse Books.

“Last winter the snow fell so long and rose so high, my father hired a man from Keene to plow it.  When the man arrived, his huge plow moved silently through the mass of snow.  The silence surprised me.  How could so much power exist inside such quiet?  As I watched, pressing my head against the window, I said to my father, I want to move through the world that quietly.  That powerfully.” — From Main Street by Jacqueline Woodson

“But I’ll never forget George.  He’s the story my parents loved to bring up at every family reunion.  About how I saved a poor orphaned kitten that tried to kill me.  But we all have stories like that, right?  They might be milk-snorting-out-of-your-nose funny ones, or listen-to-how-cool-and-awesome-we-are ones, or come-close-so-we-can-whisper-in-your-ear juicy ones.  They might be old favorites or stories about new experiences.  But no matter what, our stories are unique, just like we are.  And that is what this book is all about—ten diverse stories from ten great authors. For all of us." — Ellen Oh, Editor of Flying Lessons

Published by Crown Books for Young Readers.