Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

June was all about “books that take you places.”   These are some of the books that kicked off this month’s theme.  You can also search for the phrase “books that take you places” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @averyandaugustine — 

Summer is the perfect time for an adventure and a book that really transports you. That’s our theme for #littlelitbookseries this month—books that take you places.

"He charted a course.

He checked the breeze.

He cut the strings...

and floated free."

On a dull and lifeless night, and ready for a change in scenery, a boy named Sebastian takes flight in a hot air balloon made out of his grandmother's afghans and patchwork quilts. He has a few mishaps along the way but makes a few memorable friends on a most unexpected adventure.

Sebastian and the Balloon was written and illustrated by Philip C. Stead and published by Roaring Brook Press.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @bookbloom —

Lila is having a blast, while her mom just wants her to get ready. But who has time for practical things when there's an octopus to fight, a circus performance to attend, towers to scale, and a chariot race to win? However when Lila spends the afternoon with Grandpa they fly to new imaginative heights together; because playing pretend is so much better with a friend.

For other books that take you places, check out @littlelitbookseries throughout the month.

Imagine That! by Yasmeen Ismail. Published by Bloomsbury.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @carterhiggins — 

It's books that take you places on the #littlelitbookseries today!  Here's a brilliant one to study and savor, from @chroniclebooks


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @gigglegirlsbookclub — 

I am introducing the first of this amazing series of books — The Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne — to my rising kindergartner (as I did his older sister) as we began to explore chapter books. Also excited to be sharing it today as part of this month’s #littlelitbookseries theme "Books That Take You Places". While this particular book takes brother and sister, Annie and Jack on an unexpected trip (via a magic treehouse) back to Jurassic times, the books from this series will take its readers to places around the globe, back in time, and to the future!


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @juliasbookbag — 

This month's theme on #littlelitbookseries focuses on books that take you places. 🌟And my pick, The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels, illustrates beautifully that sometimes the best adventures take you.....all over your home town! Sometimes they take you over and around your neighborhood....even while flying. Miss Petitfour, along with her 16 cats, takes to the sky with the help of a magical tablecloth, and has the sweetest of times exploring her own little town. The art by Emma Block is as whimsical and darling as Miss Petitfour herself.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @kidlitbookaday — 

Have you ever dreamed of exploring Canada from coast to coast? Annie and her dog Carson drive from Tofino to Labrador in the most adorable little yellow car in this descriptive picture book that celebrates the diverse landscapes of our home and native land. 🇨🇦 It has us all extra excited for our road trip this summer (even if it's only Calgary -> Tofino).


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @littlebooksbigworld — 

Summer is typically a time of family vacations and extra travel. And for my kids, those first few flights on an airplane were just as exciting as the vacations we were actually taking. What a great adventure it is to go to the airport and board an airplane! Crowds of people, and suitcases, and security lines. Terminals, and gates, and jetways. Tray tables, and seat belts, and flight attendants. Take-offs, and clouds, and landings. And how about that baggage carousel? 👝💼👜

THE AIRPORT BOOK by Lisa Brown portrays the entire adventure of traveling by plane and is a fabulous read for your preschool and early primary kiddos! Use it to help prepare your little for a flight or to help facilitate some dramatic play. When my kids were younger they loved to line up chairs, make tickets, and pull around a suitcase to play "airplane".

This month #LittleLitBookSeries is sharing "books that take you places". While THE AIRPORT BOOK will certainly do that, be sure to visit my Little Lit friends for more books that take you places! ✈️ . 


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @live_read_write — 

"Emmanuel had a sharp mind, a bold heart, and one strong leg. All he needed was a bike."

This month, the #littlelitbookseries is sharing books that take you places. Emmanuel's Dream takes the reader to West Africa. It's the true story of a boy born with a with a severely deformed leg and all he overcomes despite this disability. He attends school and not only learns to play soccer (on crutches!) but how to ride a bike. At a young age, Emmanuel must work to support his family. Fueled by the encouragement of his mother and the support of his friends and the Challenged Athletes Foundation, he fulfills his dream of biking close to 400 miles across Ghana to become a voice for the disabled in his country. Emmanuel's journey is one of faith and perserverance, which Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls have captured so eloquently and beautifully through their words and art.

Head over to my blog to watch an inspirational video about Emmanuel.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @sunlitpages — 

This month the @littlelitseries is highlighting books that take you places. 

We're sticking pretty close to home this summer, so we're going to be relying on books for most of our traveling and adventures.

Jan Brett is well known for her Scandinavian stories, but we love this one of hers that takes us deep into the heart of Africa instead. Featuring the symbiotic partnership between the honeyguide and the honey badger, this amusing tale shows the danger that awaits if you double cross the honeyguide. Showcasing the beautiful landscape and colors of Botswana, it's almost as good as going there yourself. Almost. 😉


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @teeandpenguin —

When we found out that this month's #littlelitbookseries theme was books that take you places we immediately knew we had to post this beauty by Marc Martin.  Could the cover be anymore lush? This books captures the imagined journey a young child takes from the busy cityscapes to open sea, down a river.  It captures the majesty of nature and the ability of waterways to literally and figuratively transport us and our imaginations.


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @thelittlebookcollector — 

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton is my pick for this month's #littlelitbookseries theme "books that take you places" is this beloved, dog eared, well read 1980's copy of probably the most magical book I consumed as a child. A quick climb up the tree, dodging the Dame Wash A Lot, meant the most fabulous of retro adventures, weird and wonderful visits to the land of goodies, or do-what-you-please. Only after you finish your chores of course...


Little Lit Book Series: Books That Take You Places

From @writesinla — 

June's #littlelitbookseries theme is on books that take you places. Surf's Up by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Daniel Miyares demonstrates what happens when you're taken somewhere by a book because reading is a way of traveling and adventuring in your imagination. Two friends on their way to the beach, one of them reading a certain famous book about a whale, both drawn into the story in a way that makes it feel as real as sailing the ocean or catching a wave. Perfect to inspire summer reading.