Spell Across America | Little Lit Book Series

A road trip like no other—one where kids tour our nation's cities, parks and landmarks AND learn about grammar, landmark-specific vocabulary, spelling strategies and tips, word use, word origins and interesting categories of words and word parts such as palindromes, compound words, affixes, clipping words and onomatopoeia.

Each stop on our road trip is paired with a story and various trivia, puzzles and interactive exercises that "break down spelling and word-use basics in an engaging and accessible way, giving kids a glimpse of the strategies spelling champs use to conquer even the hardest words and emphasizing the idea that a mastery of words can really take you places."

This book has a lot to offer—not just to word nerds and word mavens—but to anyone looking to mix in a huge dose of fun with their learning.  The next time you're at a bookstore, seek this one out and give it a thorough flip-through.  It's perfect for staving off the proverbial summer slide.

Spell Across America was written by Kris Hirschmann in partnership with the Scripps National Spelling Bee, illustrated by James K. Hindle and published by Roaring Brook Press.