Coral Reefs | Little Lit Book Series

An unbelievable adventure into the coral reefs as only author/illustrator Jason Chin could dream up. A girl starts to read a book about corals at a library. Immersed in the text, she's oblivious to a strange transformation of the room.  Corals of all shapes and sizes start to sprout from the floor, seemingly out of nowhere.  It's not until the ocean water starts to rush in through the window, knocking the bewildered girl off her feet, that she realizes there's something strange and magical about the book she's holding.  And let's just say that she gets a first-hand lesson about the different species that inhabit coral reefs, some of the most complex ecosystems in the world.  If this isn't experiential learning, I don't know what is.  The book ends with information about coral reefs including facts about them and threats to their existence. For another incredible story and learning experience, check out Jason Chin’s book Redwoods.

Coral Reefs was written and illustrated by Jason Chin and published by Square Fish.