Beyond the Pond | Little Lit Book Series


After wondering about the pond in his backyard and testing out a few things, Ernest D. comes to an astonishing conclusion: the pond is bottomless!  An irresistible urge to dive down into its depths in the name of exploration overcomes him and he quite literally takes the plunge (after gathering his explorer’s supplies and taking three stretches, of course).  Ernest’s dog comes along for the ride (as dogs are so contentedly inclined to do).  This is one of our favorite lines of the book, which gives you an idea of the beauty of Joseph Keufler’s text: “ And with that, Ernest D. dove down between the fishes and the frogs, past the squid and sharks and shapeless things, into his pond forever deep.”

If you’re looking for a grand and meaningful—and absolutely gorgeous—adventure to read this summer, look no further than Beyond the Pond.  Written and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler and published by Balzer + Bray.