The Big Book of Canada | Little Lit Book Series

In honor of Canada Day, we're exploring its provinces and territories in the updated edition of The Big Book of Canada.  It's an opportunity to travel across the vast country and get to know the unique characteristics of its land, peoples and cultures.  Each chapter tells us about the geography and history of a different province and includes a timeline of significant events, biographical sketches of famous individuals, strange and interesting facts unique to the area, and a recipe for a local specialty.  Such great names for desserts — figgy duff, blueberry grunt, Nanaimo bars.  We loved reading about Ogopogo, Canada's version of the Loch Ness Monster living in Lake Okanagan.  Happy 150th anniversary to our friends up north!

The Big Book of Canada was written by Christopher Moore, illustrated by Bill Slavin and published by Tundra Books.