Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

August was all about middle grade books (for ages 8-12).  These are some of the books that ushered in this month’s theme.  You can also search for “middle grade” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @averyandaugustine — 

August is #middlegrade month for us at #littlelitbookseries. If you read any book this month with your upper graders before the school year starts, let it be this one.

Two fifth graders from totally different backgrounds don't share too much in common—at first. Ravi has just moved to America from India. Joe has APD (auditory processing disorder) and is subject to misunderstandings and difficulties in communicating. Save Me a Seat chronicles their story of standing up to one of the most intimidating bullies in their class and devising a plan to stop him over the course of a week. Each chapter alternates between Ravi's and Joe's perspectives. It's an exceptional story about friendship, acceptance and how assumptions are often wrong. And how "it's possible for a couple of zebras to outsmart a crocodile." It's relatable on so many levels. Glossaries and recipes from both characters are included in the back. A must-read.

Save Me a Seat was collaboratively written by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadajaran, and was published by Scholastic.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @bonjour_mes_amies — 

Hello August! We're reading #middlegrade books for this month's theme in our #littlelitbookseries. For those of you who want to read a feel-good book, you've gotta check out Counting by 7s written by Holly Goldberg Sloan. Not only does the front cover draw you in but it's filled with winsome characters who captivate the heart.

I immediately felt in love with Willow Chance, a unique 12-year-old, who faces unexpected adversity. Her inner strength and resilience are both inspiring and commendable. And the strangers she encounters along way, prove that there is still goodness is this world. It makes me appreciate all of those, whom I call friends and family. I even appreciate the simple acquaintances and encounters that would usually go unnoticed from my day to day. 


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @bookbloom —

This month's #littlelitbookseries is all about my newfound favorite genre: middle grade reads. As a brief overview, MG books are generally written for ages 8-12. Content is less gritty than YA (i.e., no profanity, violence, or sex) and books tend to focus on a character's friends/family, school life, and immediate world.

That said, Clara Humble is completely charming from the start. A confident fourth-grader who is not only the creator of a comic strip series, she brims with special abilities (supersonic hearing, the ability to spill stuff, and the power to wake up at the same time every day), that she's certain can be harnessed to ward off her rival school mates and her neighbor's impending move. Clara, and her pal Bradley, put schemes into motion, all whilst trying to decipher what it means to be a bona fide superhero. In book two, our spunky heroine is determined to compete on a television quiz show, one that inevitably has a few twists and turns before the competition is over. Plus each book features a smattering of delightful doodles, perfectly capturing the emotions of pre-adolescence. A wonderful series worth seeking out.

Clara Humble and the Not-So-Super Powers and Quiz Whiz (books 1 & 2) written by Anna Humphrey, illustrated by Lisa Cinar. Published by Owlkids Publishing.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @carterhiggins — 

You’ve got some lazy days of summer left, right? Spend it with this book. It is one of my faves of the year—maybe a fave of ever? Four kids—Virgil, Valencia, Kaori, and Chet—slip right in and around and through each other’s lives. They’re not quite friends. Some start as strangers. But their worlds collide, and wasn’t that what was meant to be all along?

Hello, universe. ✨


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @gigglegirlsbookclub — 

Our #littlelitbookseries middle grade pick for August! Wonder by RJ Palacio is my (I mean my daughter’s) fave of all time middle grade (ages 8-12) book and we are super excited to get even more of Auggie Pullman’s world through three points of view: The Julian Chapter (the Bully), Pluto (Christopher, his oldest friend) and Shingaling (Charlotte, Auggie's new friend at school). Previously only available in ebook, now available as a compilation hardcover and audio (which we are currently listening to).


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @juliasbookbag — 

This month on #littlelitbookseries the theme is #middlegrade books - my favorite! I thought I'd show what my own middle grade reader is up to - she's knee deep in the St. Clare's series by Enid Blyton. This collection of 9 books details the rioting hijinks of a bunch of British schoolchildren at their boarding school. Midnight feasts, jolly hockey sticks, warring head prefects, everything you ever imagined about boarding school life (in a fun way) is in here! My kiddo is on Book 4, and has been loving each one.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @kidlitbookaday — 

Our theme for the #littlelitbookseries this month is middle grade novels. There are so many I considered posting, both contemporary kidlit and classics. There are many special books that have captured the readers in my school library and inspired them to eagerly recommend to a friend, but I thought I would flashback to one of my favourite novels from my own childhood - Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards (yes, that Julie Andrews). I lived just a few blocks from the public library and spent my summers checking out books, reading them in a few days and returning for more. I don't remember a lot about all the books I read, but the images from this one are crystal clear in my mind. Mandy climbing over the orphanage wall, and spotting the little cottage in the distance, creeping in and marvelling at the seashell walls, the way she tended to the garden and brought it alive again, and tidied and mended the cobwebbed cottage. I have recommended this sweet and simple story to many students and for the right child, this is a perfect book. It has stayed with me into adulthood - I loved Mandy's awe at the natural world and her sense of making a place a home. I know I thought of it when we bought our house and I saw our garden (though I'll never have one as pretty as this cover!). Anyone else love orphan fiction as a child? It seemed to me I would have the best adventures if only I could live in an orphanage or with some long lost relative..... 


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @littlebooksbigworld — 

"There is magic in starlight, of course. This is well known. Moonlight, however. That is a different story. Moonlight IS magic. Ask anyone you like." ✨

I've been working my way through some middle-grade fiction this summer (you can see my book stack from a few posts back) and THE GIRL WHO DRANK THE MOON is simply enchanting. A witch saves baby Luna from certain death and mistakenly feeds her moonlight instead of starlight. The baby becomes "enmagicked" and, as she grows, her powers begin to emerge. While there are multiple plot lines and characters to follow, they all coincide as Luna sets out to better understand herself and her place in the world. Full of fantasy and adventure, this 2017 Newberry Award Winner is sure to become a classic. (Ages 10+)


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @live_read_write — 

"A great friendship is like a great work of art. It takes time and attention, and a spark of something that is impossible to describe."

This month, the #littlelitbookseries is diving into the world of middle grade. I have a soft spot in my heart for this genre of #kidlit as I have many fond memories of reading great books at this impressionable age and it's the shelf on which I hope to someday soon find a home as a children's author. There are so many great middle grade titles, both classic and contemporary.

Today, I'm sharing a two-fer: a middle grade mystery / tale of an unlikely friendship between boy and beetle AND her sister chapter book companion series for slightly younger readers. MASTERPIECE, by Elise Broach, follows the adventures of eleven-year-old James and Marvin, a beetle. The pair ends up trying to return stolen art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Spot illustrations by Kelly Murphy add a nostalgic element to Broach's storytelling. Readers who are bridging the gap to longer texts would enjoy the chapter books (first book in the series pictured in green).


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @ourbookbag — 

I'm excited to share @tundrabooks as part of this months #littlelitbookseries.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the crew shares today as I have begun reading #middlegradebooks aloud to my oldest and am loving this genre.

He and I are both obsessed with the Fitzgerald-Trouts! We devoured Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts written by Esta Spalding, with illustrations by Sydney Smith and are onto the second book in the series, Knockabout with the Fitzgerald-Trouts now.

The Fitzgerald-Trouts are a group of loveably quirky siblings, loosely related through a colourful assortment of terrible parents. They are fully capable of caring for themselves, living in a car on a tropical island in their constant quest to find a more permanent home.

These books are just the right mix of whimsy and pragmatism and the illustrations and blue typeface throughout set the stage for these wonderful characters on this fantastic island.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @picturethisbook — 

We're huge fans of #middlegrade books, so I'm thrilled that this underrated segment of books is this month's theme for the #littlelitbookseries. We've featured many of the fantastic new #mglit titles in the last couple of years, so I thought I'd go with this modern classic today. Naturally the "Book" in the title was what made me randomly pick this out from the library shelf when it was first published in 2005 — but I was so glad I did, because it blew my socks off with its originality, dark humour and heart. Of course, there is so much I have forgotten about the story — which is probably the perfect reason to read it again, right? And oh, that opening page (swipe to see!) is simply sublime. Let me know your thoughts if you've read this one! 


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @secretsocietyofbooks — 

I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, and so I was excited when the #littlelitbookseries chose #middlegrade for our monthly share. There are so many great ones to choose from but I'm going with The Unicorn In The Barn.

11-year-old Eric Harper is sitting in his tree house when he spots what he thinks is a white deer with a coat that shimmers like pearls. He follows the animal to a barn that was once owned by his family. The new owner turns out to be a doctor but not just any doctor, a doctor to magical animals. There are so many big feelings in this book. The thrill of a first job, new friendships, dads that aren't big on hugs, and there is loss but there is also new life.

A tender and magical debut by #JacquelineKogburn.  Illustrated by #RebeccaGreen.

I have been following Rebecca Green's career for some time, so it was thrilling to finally see her art in one of my favourite forms, books!

This book is a perfect family read-aloud. My 8-year-old and I read it separately, and I'm saving it for the fall to read aloud with my 7 and 5-year-old. I can't wait to introduce them to this magic.

Published by HMH Kids.

Age: 8-12


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @teeandpenguin —

We're so excited about this month's #littlelitbookseries theme of middle grade books because that means we get to share one of our favorite classic #middlegrade reads, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!

Humor mixed with charm and magic is always a winning combination.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @thereadingninja — 

Warren the 13th by #TaniaDelRio illustrated by #WillStaehle | This months #littlelitbookseries theme is middle grade books. #TheReadingNinja is nearly there but not quite. With lots of pictures within the text this one fits his (non-intimidating) bill and has become a recent favorite. I’ve been recommending this one to a lot of people lately.

The first of a series (2 so far) is the story of Warren, the 13th a small 11 year old boy who helps keep up a hotel thats been in his family for 13 generations. His uncle and evil step-aunt are the owners until Warren comes of age. But what you will eagerly learn as the book unfolds is the mysterious past of this enchanted hotel. Full of secrets, creatures, and a step-aunt who is after the magical all seeing eye that's hidden somewhere on the grounds. Warren is lovable, loyal, and a fantastic protagonist you'll be rooting for from the beginning. And let's not forget mentioning the incredible quality of this gorgeously made book. The illustrations and attention to detail are stunning and bountiful. The hard embossed and gold leafed cover alone will make you want to add this gem to your collection. #middlegrade winner 👊 and published by Quirk Books.


Little Lit Book Series: Middle Grade Edition

From @writesinla — 

"Corinne La Mer's heart beat like wild drums as she ran through the forest." So begins The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste. I finally read this one and it's a wonderfully creepy adventure story, perfect for a summer night, that draws from Caribbean folklore and explores ideas of difference, nature, and understanding others' perspectives. Now I want to read the sequel, out in September! This is my #littlelitbookseries middle grade pick for the month.