The Darkest Dark | Little Lit Book Series

A fantastic share from @ourbookbag on this month's theme of space.

While only published last year by Tundra Books, The Darkest Dark written by Chris Hadfield with Kate Fillion is already a classic at our house.

The Darkest Dark tells the story of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's fear of the dark as a child and how his love of space and his dream to be an astronaut helped him overcome it. When he watches the 1969 moon landing on TV, he realizes the darkness of the universe is so much deeper than in his room, and he is forever changed.

The Fan brothers' illustrations bring a wonderful depth and magic to the story in their signature style.  At the back of the book there is information about how Chris Hadfield became an astronaut and his personal photos. He ends his message by saying "The dark is for dreams - and morning is for making them come true.”