The Night Iceberg | Little Lit Book Series

The sweetest story about siblings, sharing and growing up to kick off this month’s theme of “night.”

From Helen Stephens about the inspiration for The Night Iceberg: “This book was inspired by a trip to London Zoo where I drew the penguins. I liked their solemn expressions, and the way they silently followed each other round the edge of the pool. At feeding time they would get very excited, but in the very quiet way that only penguins can do. I thought they would make great characters in a book.

Not long after, I read a story by Tove Jansson who wrote the Moomin books. The story was about a little girl who sees an iceberg drift up to her island. She runs down to meet it and thinks about jumping on, but the moment passes. I wondered what would happen if the girl did jump on. The two ideas came together and—hey presto! The Night Iceberg was born!“

The Night Iceberg was written and illustrated by Helen Stephens and published by Alison Green Books.