City Moon | Little Lit Book Series
City Moon | Little Lit Book Series

Rachael Cole and Blanca Gómez capture the loveliness, wonder and quiet excitement of an evening walk in City Moon.  With “heads up to the sky,” a little boy and his mother look for the moon while out on a ramble around their neighborhood.  The moon hides behind buildings and clouds, and eventually they are delighted when they find it, “bright and white and round and glowing.”

We asked Rachael to tell us about the inspiration behind City Moon:

“City Moon was inspired by my son’s reverence for the moon. This led us to take quick evening walks to look for the moon—in his pajamas so he could get to bed quickly afterward. As I journaled about those walks and his sweet questions about the moon, and the city buildings that kept hiding and revealing the moon’s glow, I realized a picture book was forming.”

City Moon was written by Rachael Cole, illustrated by Blanca Gómez and published by Schwartz and Wade.