Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

November’s theme for #littlelitbookseries was favorite books of 2017.  These are some of the books that ushered in this month’s theme.  You can also search for “favorite books of 2017” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.

Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

From @averyandaugustine ― 

We’re sharing our favorite books of 2017 for this month’s #littlelitbookseries.

With beautiful, rich language, Kirsten Hall tells a story set in the changing of seasons. A gold leaf is spotted one day in a forest and becomes an object of envy. Heartbreak ensues when each animal tries to wrangle it into their possession and it ends up being destroyed. Matt Forsythe’s use of color is intuitive, poetic and evokes an emotional response from the reader. His color stories are breathtaking and his page spreads are immersive and impossibly beautiful. Included is an author’s note with a brief history of gold leafing and the role it plays in her family history. This work of art is probably one you’ll want to return to again and again.

The Gold Leaf was written by Kirsten Hall, illustrated by Matt Forsythe and published by Enchanted Lion Books.


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

From @andieandave — 

Hands down our fave book published in 2017 was Zinnia and the Bees written by Danielle Davis. This hilarious middle grade story is about the the crazy times of a relatable 7th grade girl and the hive of honey bees that make their home in her hair.


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017
Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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There were so many outstanding childrens books published in 2017. For my #littlelitbookseries choice, I narrowed it down to these two incredible stories: After The Fall by Dan Santat and We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio. Whether it was the captivating illustrations or the sincere themes, both picture books left lasting impressions with my students (and myself).


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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The #littlelitbookseries is showcasing some of our favorite books of the year. Which is . . . hard. But I’ve not read a more stirring, soulful, comforting book this year than this one. You might need it too?


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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“I may have been swallowed but I have no intention of being eaten.”

The dynamic duo of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, delivered 2017 one of its very best picture books. Served it on a silver platter, one might say. It’s the story of a duck and mouse that find themselves gobbled up by a fox. The fox is all “oh woe is me” while the duck and the mouse carry on with candlelight feasts (a hunk of good cheese! a flagon of wine!) and dance parties while in the belly of the beast.  One of the most clever books that I have ever read! Which is saying a lot considering Barnett and Klassen themselves have each written so many of my favorites. I do believe that this one tops the cake! Bon appétit and happy reading y’all!


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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“After all, the Statue of Liberty is an immigrant, too. And this is why she’s moving. This is why she’s striding.”

This month, the #littlelitbookseries reflects on another great year of children’s literature. One book that stands out among the #bestof2017 books is HER RIGHT FOOT by Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris.

HER RIGHT FOOT touches on the history and origins of the over 300 foot statue that proudly graces New York harbor and examines one of her striking features: a “mid-stride” right foot. Dave Eggers’ wit and child friendly conversational text meets Shawn Harris’ striking art in this unique coffee-table-meets-creative-nonfiction book.


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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So many amazing books were published in 2017. 📚👌🏽 One of our favorites is also quite fitting for this time of year....preparing and anticipating winter. ❄️ In 'Winter Dance' the fox observes all his animals friends getting ready in their own unique way for winter (i.e.: the geese fly south, the squirrel gathers nuts) and each friend suggests the fox do what they do, but the fox doesn't feel right about any of these winter preparations. So I won't give away the ending but he ends up with his perfect match. ✨ A great early winter read! My crew (ages 3-8) all loved this one and it's been a frequent reread request. Written by Newbery Honor author Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated whimsically by Richard Jones. Published by HMH Books for Young Readers in 2017.


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Today we are sharing our favourite books released in 2017 for #littlelitbookseries.  When's My Birthday is a sweet new release written by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Christian Robinson (@theartoffun).  This is such a wonderful pairing! Published by @macmillankidsbooks.  This book perfectly captures the excitement that young children feel anticipating their birthday.  There have been so many amazing books released this year. What are your favourite books of 2017?


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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2017 has been a bumper year for picture books, but this one *might* just be our very favorite. Any book that can make both Mike and me laugh multiple times is a winner. (Oh, and our kids? They loved it too. 😂) This one is just quirky and bizarre and clever enough to keep us all happy and contains some lines that we’ll be quoting for many years to come. 


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

From @teeandpenguin ―

The last #littlelitbookseries theme for the year is favorite picture books from 2017. In a year of so many outstanding releases it was impossible to just pick one, so we're sharing three of our very favorite.

Jon Klassen's The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse topped both of ours lists. Story telling at its finest, this book is clever, hilarious, and beautifully illustrated.

The Only Fish in the Sea by Phillip Stead may be the funnest book of the year. Original, full of adventure and fantastic detail, this tale of daring rescue was an immediate favorite.

And, finally, We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio was a necessity. With kindness lacking in so many of our public arenas this past year, this book's beautiful message is more important, particularly for our children, than ever.


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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My #littlelitbookseries selection for favorite books published in 2017 is Lines by Suzy Lee. It was an easy choice for me because I love how Lee creatively takes the concept of mistakes and makes it into a masterpiece.


Little Lit Book Series: Favorite Books of 2017

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A favorite read of 2017 that I’m sharing for this month’s #littlelitbookseries theme is one I just finished last night. Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker by Shelley Johannes is a super delightful chapter book about friendship and flexibility with a uniquely funny and charming character at its (upside down) heart. “Some losses were worse than others. A secret base was replaceable. Lenny Santos was not.”