Little Lit Book Series: Humor

October's theme for #littlelitbookseries was humor and these are the books that we shared on last month’s theme.  You can also search for “humor" on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @averyandaugustine ― 

Humor is the theme for #littlelitbookseries this month.

Agile tree-dwelling rodents are the stars in Mo Willems’ nutty new early reader series #UnlimitedSquirrels. In the inaugural book of the series, Zoom Squirrel loses a tooth, but not just any tooth…it’s a baby. Hysteria ensues as a scurry of squirrels mounts a search for Zoom’s baby tooth. At a substantial 96 pages, the fun doesn’t stop with a squirrelly adventure — there is more hilarity to be had in pages of acorn-y jokes, quirky quizzes and everything readers ever wanted to know about teeth. Fur real!

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @braveandkindbooks — 

Our #littlelitbookseries theme for October is humor. This super funny middle grade book definitely made me snort a few times. Funny Girl: Funniest. Stories. Ever. edited by Betsy Bird is a clever collection of short stories written by your fave Super Girl authors! Ever stung yourself with a bee?! HA! 

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @littlebooksbigworld

When it comes to the world of picture book humor, it’s undeniable, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen are the reigning KINGS. 👑 Theirs is not a silly, laugh-out-loud type of humor. But instead, a clever and mischievous humor. The kind that shocks just a bit and leaves us with something to chew on.

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @live_read_write

We love our humor around here, so naturally a title with “funny business” in it caught our attention. Humor is this month’s theme for the #littlelitbookseries, and this one is bound to have you literally LOLing.

The first in a multi volume collection, GUYS READ: FUNNY BUSINESS contains ten stories with one thing in common: humor. Funny guy Jon Scieszka has pulled together laughable stories for middle grade readers, featuring a motorcycle riding man who takes over a boy’s bedroom, a boy who tries to rid a problem with rusty pliers, and a silly spin on an author fan letter.

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @livingbythepagewithnatalie — 

Picture books teach us so many things: how to handle anxiety, battle fears, problem solve, but also, to have a sense of humor! Laughter has been shown to actually improve our health and strengthen our immune system. 😅 So I love that the @littlelitbookseries theme this month is on all things humorous and the recent one that made my crew giggle was Page Bear's Page Fright. It opens up with Baby Bear explaining that we (the readers) are witnessing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears but midway through his line, Papa Bear gets 'page fright' and runs off! It's a hilarious romp through a classic fairytale and the reader is addressed directly several times through the characters which my kids thought was so funny! Wittily written by Wade Bradford and whimsically illustrated by Mary Ann Fraser. Published by Peter Pauper Press in 2018. 

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @ourbookbag — 

For October’s #littlelitbookseries we are sharing books about humor. I have been wanting to share this book for awhile because I laugh every time I read it.  A Dog With Nice Ears by the wonderful Lauren Child might just be my favourite Charlie and Lola book yet.  The story follows Lola as she describes her perfect dog. But even though her Dad says “Absolutely no dogs!” Lola is not deterred. Lola’s imagined pet appears throughout the book in the most gorgeous hot pink.

Written & illustrated by @laurenchildthatsme

Published by @candlewickpress 

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @picturethisbook ― 

This month’s #littlelitbookseries theme is humour and I just had to share this hilarious picture book by @jory_john and @bobsheabooks that is also perfect for Halloween!

Fourth-wall-breaking picture books can be hit-or-miss, but my kids loved this one and you’ll have fun reading it aloud using your best disgruntled monster voice. Plus, it slyly deals with stereotyping and monster fears. Brilliant!

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @sunlitpages ― 

When it comes to humor in picture books, I want to be laughing as much as my kids, but I can be kind of picky. Slapstick? No. Potty humor? Not funny. A million puns? No thanks.  But these are two books that hit the sweet spot for me. They’re a bit wry, a little sarcastic, and very witty. I could read them a hundred times and still laugh at these lines:

“Then the other Dinosaur made a loud noise that sounded like a big, evil laugh but was probably just a polite Norwegian expression.”

“‘I’m so wicked,’ he said. ‘So wicked.’ But really he was enormously pleased with himself.”

It takes real talent to be able to appeal simultaneously to an adult’s and a child’s sense of humor, but these two books do just that.

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @the.bookwormclub — 

What do you get when you have waffles, peanut butter, jellyfish, and a narwhal? You get book number three from Ben Clanton's Narwhal and Jelly Book series, Peanut Butter and Jelly. It's a silly, humorous, and comical story for readers who are adventuring into chapter books (and who enjoy graphic novels). Narwhal is obsessed with eating one thing and only one thing - waffles. So when his BFF, Jelly, introduces him to peanut butter, another obsession emerges. What happens to Narwhal? You gotta read the book to find out its hilarious ending.

Little Lit Book Series: Humor

From @writesinla — 

Our #littlelitbookseries theme for October is humor and FRAZZLED by @bookibookibooki certainly fits the bill. It’s a highly illustrated and hilarious spin on feeling frazzled, worried, and stuck in the middle but finding your thing, your place, and your way through it.