Little Lit Book Series: Night

January's theme for #littlelitbookseries was “night.”  These are the books that ushered in this month’s theme.  You can also search for “night” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @averyandaugustine ― 

Night is the #littlelitbookseries theme for January, with its traditionally short days and long nights.

Vietnamese American poet Bao Phi wrote A DIFFERENT POND to honor the struggle of his parents as immigrants working multiple jobs in the US to feed their family of six. Bao’s father would sometimes take them fishing with him, before the sun came up—for sustenance, not sport. Like the boy and father in the book, Bao would hear his father tell stories about war-torn Vietnam. Bao’s father wanted him to understand things that had been part of their lives as a family and country. Truly a beautiful and poignant story, with evocative language and art.

A Different Pond was written by poet Bao Phi, illustrated by Thi Bui and published by Capstone.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @andieandave — 

Sharing this fun little board book we still love as part of #littlelitbookseries January theme of “night”.  Follow Little Owl on his adventure through a night with his other nocturnal friends.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @bonjour_mes_amies — 

Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown is a beautiful collection of poems and lullabies. The pages are filled with rhythm & rhyme and rich imagery. These unique songs invite you to faraway lands, let's you explore the wilderness, and takes you on adventures to other worlds. And gorgeously illustrated by top-notch picture book artists such as Isabel Roxas and Dan Yaccarino. For bedtime or any time, it's my pick for this month's #littlelitbookseries theme on night. And it goes perfectly well with January's long nights and short days.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @bookbloom

This month's #littlelitbookseries focuses on books celebrating "night" and while this book has been in our collection for a couple years, we've neglected to share it here.

Meet Hoot Owl, hungry and on the prowl. In an attempt to snag a satisfying meal our feathery protagonist dons disguise after disguise hoping to capture first rabbit, then sheep, and lastly pigeon only to be repeatedly defeated. Undeterred, Hoot Owl finally spies an entree (without legs) he can devour. Rest assured reader, even the undercover of darkness can’t dim the humor in this one.

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Jean Jullien. Published by Walker Picture Books.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @carterhiggins ― 

This month, the #littlelitbookseries is talking about all things night. And this might seem a strange choice at first, because it’s about a river. Sure. 

But! Aren’t the lush, deep colors in this palette reminiscent of night? And have you ever seen a more gorgeous night scene in a picture book? I’m not sure I have. It’s a gentle narrative, both meandering and exploratory, and it quietly beckons adventurers to dream.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @littlebooksbigworld —

“The sun is leaving now,” Ella said, looking out the window. “Yes,” said Mother. “The sun belongs to the daytime.”

A little girl, afraid of the darkness, learns to appreciate the light that belongs to the night. THE MOON INSIDE is a sweet and comforting book that nudges us to overcome our fears so that we may see the beauty in what might have been overlooked.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @live_read_write ― 

Ah, bedtime. Such a wonderful time to cozy up with a book. And what better way to drift into dreamland than with a picture book featuring the night sky and its principal character, the moon. This month’s theme for the #littlelitbookseries is night and my selection is a cherished favorite in our home, authored by a man fascinated by the moon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOON by Frank Asch is the sweet story of Bear and his quest to find the moon a birthday gift. Bear takes the money from his piggy bank and buys Moon a hat. To his delight, Moon also buys Bear a hat! When the wind carries Bear’s new hat away, Bear sadly reports the news of the lost hat to Moon. In the end, a “conversation” of mutual understanding reveals a wonderful message of unconditional love. “That’s okay, I still love you!” said Bear. “That’s okay, I still love you!” said the moon. Asch’s illustrations and simple palette ring of comfort as does the repetition in his text. A dreamlike quality follows the book from beginning to end. 🎩✨

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @livingbythepagewithnatalie — 

January can seem like a letdown post-holidays but winter redeems itself in my book with clear crisp nights that are perfect for stargazing. My eldest son started his space kick around age 5 and at age 8, it’s still going strong. 💫 He’s into Greek mythology now as well so What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky has been a perfect combination of both. It integrates science with legends and myths behind all the constellations, planets & space. And it’s our pick for the wonderful #littlelitbookseries theme for January: “night”. 🌟📘🌙 Written & illustrated by Kelsey Oseid. Published by Ten Speed Press.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @maaandpamodern — 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a book post. And I’ve missed it! Because i sure do love sharing books with you. I’m glad to be back here sharing another book for #gretasbooktalks and the #littlelitbookseries. This book is called ANATOLE AND THE CAT and it is by Eve Titus.  It’s actually one in a whole series featuring Anatole, a French mouse who has a terrific taste for cheese and a great loathing for cats. But those pesky cats give him trouble all the time!  

In this particular adventure, Anatole kisses his wife goodbye and slips out of his home every night to work at the most prestigious cheese shop in Paris.  The owner doesn’t know that Anatole is a mouse, because they only communicate through letters left in the typewriter every day. Anatole is proud that he earns a living for his family because of his great taste in cheese, rather than scrounging for scraps like other mice. (Remind you of any particular Pixar movies? 😉)

These books are vintage but you can find a couple have been reprinted. And used copies are pretty easy to find too. They have delightful bits of French vocabulary, and the sweet, Caldecott award winning illustrations are a delight! They’re perfect if you really love all things 🇫🇷! 

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @ourbookbag ― 

“Some nights are ordinary, and other nights are special. “

Today the #littlelitbookseries crew is sharing books that reflect on the night. Now that we’ve past the longest night of the year and are slowly making our way to warmer months and more daylight, it is a perfect time for this lovely book.  The Way Home in the Night by Akiko Miyakoshi a meditation on the comforts of home experienced on an evening walk home through the quiet city streets.

As a young bunny is carried home by her mother, she reflects on and wonders about the cozy sights and sounds that are emanating from her neighbors lighted windows. Imagining what they may be doing in their apartments as she returns to hers.  The quiet beauty and muted palette of these stunning illustrations emphasize the gentle, thoughtful quality of this book.

Published by Kids Can Press.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @picturethisbook —

If you’re having a bad night, I recommend reading a wacky picture book for an instant mood lift. Better yet if it features a grouchy protagonist. This month’s theme for the #littlelitbookseries is “night”, and I immediately thought of one of our all-time favourites: this hilarious vintage picture book illustrated by the wonderful Arnold Lobel, about an old woman who despises the night and tries her best to dispose of it. Spoiler: she doesn’t succeed 😆🌚 Let me know if you have a favourite pick-me-up book to share! 

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @sunlitpages ― 

More than anything, I dread the dark that comes with winter, but this book almost convinced me that there might be just a little bit of magic when the moon shines down on a frigid landscape. 🌙

At least, the kids in this story think it's magical. They've been waiting for the temperature to drop and the snow to fall and the moon to rise. Because when all those things happen together, it's time for the first hockey game of the season. 

They trek across the field in the starry stillness.and clear the frozen lake of snow. And then, just as the moon comes out, they glide out onto the ice: "It is marvelous ice, as good as any we have known." 🌙

If the long nights of winter are hard for you, too, then this month's #littlelitbookseries is going to be just the remedy.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @teeandpenguin ―

This month's #littlelitbookseries theme is night and our minds immediately went to The Darkest Dark, the story of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's childhood dreams. Illustrated by the ever amazing Fan brothers, this is a magical piece of nonfiction.

As child, Chris dreamed of exploring the universe. But his big ambitions were accompanied by a big fear- of the dark! Every night was a struggle, until the first moon landing opened his eyes to the beauty and wonder of the dark, even the darkest of darks. The story, illustrations, and moral are all just lovely.

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @welovebookworms — 

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle is perfect for this month’s night theme for #littlelitbookseries. When Monica asks her father for the moon, he literally sets out to get it for her. But because the moon is too big, he must wait until it wanes. As the pages unfold, the journey expands with textured, richly colored paintings that are complemented by straightforward text, Carle’s signature style. Luna cycles are also introduced in this loving story. Did you know Eric Carle wrote this for his daughter in 1986? He reminicses, “When she was little, she looked out and the moon was low, and it was the dead of winter, and it was in the trees. She asked me to get the moon for her; she thought it was a ball.” 

Little Lit Book Series: Night

From @writesinla ― 

Rabbit Moon by Jean Kim is a story of longing—for adventure, friendship, and connection—a cozy story of wishes come true with cozy and glowing illustrations to match. Inspired by the Korean tradition of making a wish when you see a rabbit in a full moon, the rabbit in the book transforms wishes that animals send on paper airplanes into stars. Only one day, Rabbit has a wish of their own. I made a wishes and stars mobile to go along with this dreamy book so you can write your own wishes on paper airplanes and watch them spin among the stars! The details are in this post on This Picture Book Life.

⭐️🌕⭐️ Plus, this book is part of our night theme for #littlelitbookseries this month! A perfect twilight read.