How Cities Work | Little Lit Book Series

This month we’re exploring the topic of cities.

How Cities Work is a great introduction to the inner workings of a city with fold-out pages and flaps that reveal structures beneath them like underground railroads and the digging of a new tunnel. Readers get a peek at what goes on inside city hall and the latest show at the opera house. The pages display many aspects of city life: transportation, various types of urban living, construction and building projects, skyscrapers, green spaces, underground infrastructure, city hall, emergency services, recreation, culture and nocturnal goings-on. There's a feature at the end about cities of the future.

How Cities Work is a great lesson that will get children thinking about all that goes into urban planning and the scores of people it takes to build something as big, complex and expansive as a city. How Cities Work was written by Jen Feroze, illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock and published by Lonely Planet Kids.