The House That Lou Built | Little Lit Book Series

Families come in all shapes and sizes and Lou’s Filipino family is big, lively and warmhearted.  There are always laughs to be had when they’re together as well as the smell of something delicious simmering in the kitchen.  And one thing’s for sure — they always look out for one another.

In The House That Lou Built, we see twelve-year-old Lou growing up, discovering who she is as an individual, venturing out to try new things and following her heart.  She’s also throwing herself headlong into the project of a lifetime — building a tiny house on a plot of land in the forested hills of Marin County passed down to her from her father.  There are some really lovely moments between Lou and her mother, and her other family members, and author Mae Respicio does an amazing job drawing the reader into Lou’s world.  There’s a reason why this book has been garnering glowing reviews — it’s such a terrific story, and we’re looking forward to Mae’s next book!

The House That Lou Built was written by Mae Respicio and published by Wendy Lamb Books.  It’ll be out soon on June 12!