Little Lit Book Series: Family

May's theme for #littlelitbookseries was family and these are some of the books that we shared.  You can also search for “family” on our Archives page to take a look at the other books that were posted during the month.


Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @averyandaugustine

This month’s theme for #littlelitbookseries is family and this is a beautiful tribute to immigrant mothers.

"My mom is a foreigner,
She's from another place.
She came when she was ten years old,
With only one suitcase."

Sometimes it’s difficult for the children of immigrants to understand their parents’ ways—the words they use, their accents, their expressions and terms of endearment (mon petit chou!) are foreign to them. The foods their mothers make, the clothes they wear and the songs they sing are all different from what everyone else in the neighborhood does. They feel they have nothing in common with their mothers. But in the end—Mutti, Mamma, Mummy, Maman—is the most familiar person in the world to them. Her voice, her cooking, the sound of her slippers shuffling across the kitchen floor—the thought of her and all her ways—feel unmistakably and overwhelmingly like home.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @andieandave

Excited to share one of our favorites as part of May’s #littlelitbookseries family theme. The Penderwicks series by Jane Birdsall is very reminiscent of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and is about four sisters and their adventures in friends and foes, life and love. Looking forward to the release of the last book in this series “The Penderwicks At Last” in 5/15!

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @bonjour_mes_amies

This month's theme for #littlelitbookseries is FAMILY. And just last week it was #takeyourchildtoworkday, which occurs in the U.S. on the fourth Thursday in April. This book immediately came to mind. I recently bought this on my trip to Portland at Powell's Bookstore. The cover caught my eye with the hustle and bustle of all the adults on the go! This book definitely showcased a plethora of careers and occupations that grown-ups have. Plus, the coolest illustrations to boot! It gives children an idea of what parents or family members do all day. With each job there is a purpose and meaning. It demonstrates hard work and determination, creativity and patience, and that everyone has something to contribute to society.

What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? || By Virginie Morgand


Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @littlebooksbigworld

“Sometimes it’s not about the chair you sit in... it’s about who is sitting beside you.”

MY GRANDPA’S CHAIR is a touching book about finding companionship. With brilliant color and whimsy Jiyeon Pak blends a subtle theme of loss with the comforting notion of family togetherness.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @live_read_write

This month, the #littlelitbookseries is celebrating #family. The following is a touching true story about an unconventional family and friendship, one that holds a special place in my heart. Books hold riches of many kinds and this one is no exception as it sparked great conversations with my young child about the world at large, different types of families, and even loss. I love this book for many reasons including the fact that a young girl, inspired by a photograph, helped write the story along with her father. 

“We’ll never know for sure whether Owen sees Mzee as a mother, a father, or a very good friend. But it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that Owen isn’t alone — and neither is Mzee.”

OWEN AND MZEE: THE TRUE STORY OF A REMARKABLE FRIENDSHIP chronicles the journey of Owen, a baby hippopotamus, and Mzee, a very old tortoise. When a Owen is about one year old, a tsunami in the Indian Ocean causes heavy rain and flooding in Kenya. The young hippo is separated from his pod and family. Eventually, rescuers pull him out of the water and Owen finds a new home — and a new family — in an animal sanctuary. Owen and the 130-year old Mzee develop a special bond and become inseparable. Owen recovers and his story — their story of an unlikely friendship — has become an inspiration to many.

The book has wonderful backmatter including notes on the animals and places, as well as maps. There’s an illustrated companion book, which you can find in the comments, or head over to the post at for the clickable link.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @livingbythepagewithnatalie

The #littlelitbookseries this month is all about family and one of our new-to-us faves is 'Mama Seeton's Whistle'. Only Newbery-winning author Jerry Spinelli can allegorically bring to life the love that a mother has for her children in the inanimate yet animate form of a whistle. You see that her whistle always brings her three boys and a girl home for dinner and chocolate cake but as they get older and leave home, the whistle can no longer do so. One day her husband sees how much she misses her brood and he encourages her to go outside and whistle. And despite such varied jobs as forest ranger to ferryboat operator, the adult kids come dashing home. As they begin to form their own families, they too do it with a whistle.

The illustrations by LeUyen Pham really bring this already tender story to life, adding a heavy dash of nostalgia for 1960s America with hairstyles, clothes, and cars of that era. And what my kids noticed were the small details: kids huddled around a television set, no one riding bikes has helmets on and kids are playing throughout the town unattended by adults. So interesting how times have changed! And while I'm more of a 1980s/90s child, the illustrations did bring a pang of nostalgia even to me, how us five kids would largely be scattered around the front or back yard or cul-de-sac and my mom would call us home with a hearty "a comer!" 😍 Such a sweet and tender read that my kids (ages 3-8) all loved. I didn't make a big deal about it but I did notice my eldest's eyes water as it ended (mine definitely were!)...I later asked him about it and he said "well it's a happy book but it's sad because they all leave home and go away" and so we talked about that but how that a mother's love never ever ends. 💕 A perfect read anytime but particularly in anticipation of Mother's Day!

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @ourbookbag

I’m so happy to share this book today as the #littlelitbookseries gang features books about family.  Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal tells the story of a girl with a very long name, too long, she thinks.  Her father shares the family connection to each one of her names and asks her to decide if her name fits. The story beautifully weaves Alma’s family history and her place to create her own mark in the story.  I also love the note from Juana Martinez-Neal at the end.  Did you give your children family names? Please share!  We did, and we love to share the story of their names with them, too.  Published by Candlewick Press.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @picturethisbook

The theme for this month’s #littlelitbookseries is family, so I thought we’d share an old favourite that brings back good memories of my daughter asking for it to be read over and over again when she was littler. Marc Boutavant’s whimsical illustrations are in spectacular form here and this is just such a fun and quirky take on the word ‘family’ and all the things and people that belong together.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @sunlitpages

This month, the #littlelitbookseries is showcasing books about families, and this bunny family is one of my favorites. The story focuses on Betty Bunny and her great love of chocolate cake--a love that runs so deep she's willing to get into a heap of trouble in the hopes that she'll get another piece.

But I love the way the family plays a central, yet unobtrusive, roll in the story. Betty's mother is sympathetic but firm. Betty's father is quietly supportive. Out of Betty's older siblings, Henry is matter-of-fact, Kate is helpful, and Bill is a tease. They are all there, in the background, watching the drama unfold as Betty smashes her beloved piece of cake into her pocket so she can take it to school with her. And isn't that the way a family usually is? Right there, a part of the big picture, but sometimes taken for granted because they're always around.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @the.bookwormclub

When I think of family, I think of time. Time spent together, time gone by, time right now. Forever or a Day by Sarah Jacoby is about time. She writes, “You cannot hold it. You cannot give it to someone in exchange for a snack. We’ve only got what we’ve got. Whether it’s a drumbeat, a whisker twitch, lost or found - I love the time I have with you.” When I think of family, I think of all the times we share together as a family. This is my contribution for #littlelitbookseries on family. And Sarah Jacoby’s Forever or a Day is an ethereal masterpiece.

Little Lit Book Series: Family

From @writesinla

Our #littlelitbookseries theme for May is family. My pick? THE MANIC PANIC by @richajharj and @doodlekaari, out today! This lighthearted modern tale will feel familiar in our frenzied time. It’s the story of what would happen if one family’s wi-fi was down. It’s not the daughter who’s upset, it’s the parents. The daughter leads her grumbling parents and her pleased Nana outside, on a bike ride, to the park. Their day without wi-if is a day of a different kind of connection. And the surprise ending reveal about the narrator is super fun too. A sweet story of family togetherness and a recipe for how to unplug once in a while in order to slow down, feel the breeze, and bond.