My Name Is Gabito / Me Llamo Gabito | Little Lit Book Series

@livingbythepagewithnatalie shares a picture book biography about one of her favorite authors:

We read MY NAME IS GABITO/ME LLAMO GABITO this weekend and it was so neat that a children's book has been written about one of my all-time favorite authors, Gabriel García Márquez. I almost feel like it's cliche to admit that "100 Years of Solitude" is one of my favorite books but it truly is; the opening line, to me, is one of the best ever in literature. 📚👌🏽 After we read GABITO, I actually read the kids the first line (I sadly have it memorized 🤓) and we talked about what makes it so great. This definitely all went over my three-year-old's head but my older boys humored me, smile. But honestly, this is one of the those pictures books that one can read on several levels: it has beautiful colorful illustrations of García Márquez’s childhood in Colombia so that alone kept my three-year-old engaged. For my older boys, I went beyond the book and told them about the genre that he invented in literature—magical realism—and how his way of viewing the world when he was a child impacted how he wrote later in life. Each page has the same text in both English and Spanish so you can choose either one or do what we did and read both. A perfect first literary bio for kids! 🇨🇴 📚

Written by Monica Brown. Illustrated by Raúl Colón. Published by Cooper Square Publishing in 2007.