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Clara Humble + Giveaway

Clara Humble Giveaway | Little Lit Book Series

Clara Humble is completely charming from the start. A confident fourth-grader who is not only the creator of a comic strip series, she brims with special abilities (supersonic hearing, the ability to spill stuff, and the power to wake up at the same time every day) that she's certain can be harnessed to ward off her rival school mates and her neighbor's impending move. Clara and her pal Bradley put schemes into motion, all whilst trying to decipher what it means to be a bona fide superhero. In book two, our spunky heroine is determined to compete on a television quiz show, one that inevitably has a few twists and turns before the competition is over. Plus each book features a smattering of delightful doodles, perfectly capturing the emotions of pre-adolescence. A wonderful series worth seeking out.

Clara Humble and the Not-So-Super Powers and Quiz Whiz (books one and two) were written by Anna Humphrey and illustrated by Lisa Cinar. Published by Owl Kids.

We’re partnering with @bookbloom to give away a set of these two middle grade books.  This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents and it ends on Friday, September 1, 2017.  Head over to this Instagram post to enter.



If I Had a Dinosaur

If I Had a Dinosaur | Little Lit Book Series

@bookbloom shares If I Had a Dinosaur:

What child hasn't longed for a pet? In this case a really giant pet! "If I had a dinosaur, he'd carry me to school and all my friends would shout, 'Oh wow! Your dinosaur is cool!'" With bouncy rhymes and bright colors, this book is a childhood dream come true.

Inspired by the discovery of the biggest type of titanosaur, whose giant bones were uncovered in Argentina in 2014.  If I Had a Dinosaur by Alex Barrow and Gabby Dawnay. Published by Thames and Hudson.



Little Kunoichi

Little Kunoichi | Little Lit Book Series

A stealthy share from @bookbloom:

"On a super secret island there is a super, super secret village." Which is where Little Kunoichi lives with her family. She goes to a special school. A school where she learns the stealth skills needed to become a proper ninja. But school is hard and takes practice. One day, Kunoichi encounters Chibi Samurai, a young boy from another school who is also in-training. Together they work on their physical fitness, mindfulness, and strategy skills. After weeks of practice they are ready to showcase their shugyo (intense training to gain mastery) at the Island Festival. Will they WOW the crowd? You better believe it!

Watercolor illustrations seamlessly weave notes of traditional Japanese dress, customs, and pastimes into this story, drawing readers into a world that is both playful and informative.

Little Kunoichi: The Ninja Girl was written and illustrated by Sanae Ishida and published by Little Bigfoot Books.