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Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch | Little Lit Book Series

@littlebooksbigworld shares a timely book on this month’s theme of #mail:

Mr. Hatch is a lonely man, living an especially drab existence. But that all changes one day when the postman delivers a heart shaped box filled with candy and a card that reads "Somebody loves you." ❤

The knowledge that someone cares about him transforms his life. He begins to smile, and laugh, and dance. He begins to not only care for himself, but to care for others in his community as well.
I guarantee your heart will break right alongside his when Mr. Hatch learns that the delivery was actually meant for someone else. 💔

But don't despair. The people in his community had already taken notice of his kind heart and friendly favors. They loved and cared about Mr. Hatch and they quickly rallied around him to show that "everybody loves Mr. Hatch."

This book is a MUST READ during the Valentine season and reminds us all of the great power in love and friendship. PreK-5th.  Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch was written by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz and published by Simon and Schuster.



Sharing the Bread

Sharing the Bread | Little Lit Book Series

Thank you to @littlebooksbigworld for sharing this old-fashioned Thanksgiving story.

SHARING THE BREAD takes readers back to the 19th century as a family works together to prepare their Thanksgiving meal. The rhythm and rhyme of the text guides the reader as each family member contributes to the meal. While Mama fetches the cooking pot, Daddy stokes the fire to keep it hot. Grandma bakes the pumpkin pie while "Grandpa, cook(s) the berries, please. Boil those bright red berries, please. Add some lemon - just a squeeze. Grandpa, cook them, please." Charming and quaint, SHARING THE BREAD is a stellar book for this time of year.  Little Lit Book Series wishes all of you a wonderful week of "sharing the bread" with your loved ones. 

Written by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Jill McElmurry and published by Schwartz and Wade Books.




The Listening Walk | Little Lit Book Series

A wonderful share from @littlebooksbigworld.

This month #littlelitbookseries delved into books that inspire WONDER. It got me thinking about how much "wonder" we as adults take for granted.  To a small child, every new sight and sound is full of wonder!!  A lawn mower "zzooooming", a dog barking, or a fire truck with sirens blaring...  Haven't you ever seen the exhilarated face of a child experiencing these sounds?  THE LISTENING WALK is a book that invites children to discover the small wonders of sound in their world.  Sometimes even my older children like to take a clipboard along on our walks to document some of the sounds that we hear.  Get reading, get outside, and get listening. 

By Paul Showers and illustrated by Aliki.  Published by HarperCollins.

Post by @littlebooksbigworld.