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The Gardener

The Gardener | Little Lit Book Series

A lovely share from @teeandpenguin:

The last of our mail picks for the month is this sweet and oh so lovely read, The Gardener.

Set in the era of the depression, the story is told through the letters of a young girl with a green thumb, named Lydia Grace. The letters are written to her family members. First, to her Uncle Jim as she learns that she is going to live with him because her father and mother have been out of work for a long time. Then to her mother, father and grandma as she settles into life with the stoic baker, Uncle Jim.

While this premise may sound sad, the book is nothing of the sort. Through her letters Lydia Grace tells how she works to uplift those around her with the flowers she grows, even going so far as to grow a masterpiece on the rooftop of their bakery building in hopes of seeing a smile from Uncle Jim.

Truly a book that exemplifies the philosophy of blooming where you are planted.  The Gardener was written by Sarah Stewart, illustrated by David Small and published by Square Fish.



Pen Pals

Pen Pals | Little Lit Book Series

Thanks to @teeandpenguin for sharing Pen Pals!

Our #littlelitbookseries theme is mail and I have to admit that I love when books include letters; there is just something about written correspondence that is intriguing and compelling. A sense of suspense and excitement about what revelations or details a letter may contain.

In Pen Pals, a book of letters between two pen pals of the non-human variety, (Oscar the ant and Bill the octopus), we get to see a friendship blossom as they share wish lists, mementos and questions with one another.

This one had me wishing for a pen pal of my own.

Pen Pals was written and illustrated by Alexandra Pichard and published by Aladdin Books.



Cloth Lullaby

Cloth Lullaby | Little Lit Book Series

This year has seen so many amazing picture books, and this is one of our favorites shared by @teeandpenguin.

Are any of you non fiction fans?  We sure are, so imagine our excitement about Cloth Lullaby which is an amazing picture book biography of artist Louise Bourgeois.  It tells Louise's story starting with her idyllic childhood filled with days spent by the family garden in a cloth tent then, as she grew, learning her family's intricate trade of repairing tapestries (at age 12) to her college years where she studied mathematics at the Sorbonne and how she moved on to creating spider sculptures in remembrance of her mother.

The illustrations are captivating and poetic with the use of a color palette mostly limited to indigo, red and grey.  Simply stunning!  Recommended for ages 6-9.  Cloth Lullaby was written by Amy Novesky, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault and published by Abrams Books for Young Readers.